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  • I changed my font on this game years ago, now I cant seem to figure out how to change it with this new config. If anyone can message me on how to, please, I cant stand this OG font lol.

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  • why ohh why made this new failed cilent stuff when old work perfect ...and now when i try enter game have zero char and nothing work me account gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great 9year game play ...yous not realy whant know what i think about this game now!

  • Addons make this game, even gms have addon tools to support them. Without them this game is actually unplayable imo. The fine line comes when the rules aren't enforced and people can do whatever they want with addons.

    From what I'm hearing over discord this new launcher is rubbish, hope fundamental changes are made asap, a lot of people currently locked out of the game.

  • The problem with the auto login addon is that it never followed the rules for where to install files so, despite being useful, it won't work under the new master install.

    On the other point, if you know how to close one GF client without having to close any game clients that are running under that GF client, please share! When I try, the GF client warns that it can't close because game clients are running...

    From a personal point of view, the changes here are more an irritation to learn than any sort of game changer or breaker. I just don't think they are necessary. The Steam client did a better job of this and gave better access to other GF games, for those that wanted/needed it, and much more.

  • If I associate all my Runes of Magic accounts with a single GameForge account, will I be able to simultaneously launch these Runes of Magic accounts on the same PC as on several PCs?

    Yes, you can open same GF accounts on two computers ect.


  • How does one fix entering the wrong PW when linking a game account? A friend cannot log in and there is option to change the password from the gameforge account, is there a way to remedy this or does he have to make a ticket?

    i think i have runned into same issue when i hit play i get

    contacted support hours ago and no answer so far

    no idea why force this change when no staff members are even present to fix the problems that arise ?

    so far this new experience is plain shitty

  • Just seems like it wasn't thought through very well, I already know of 4-5 ppl who have entered incorrect passwords (easily done by caps lock for example) and now can't login. And it is the GMs who will be forced to clean up the mess made by the higher-ups who implemented this system, I can already imagine there being hundreds of tickets for this exact issue (which could have been solved in a few minutes if there was an option to change pw entered for a game account).


    Need More Adventure?

    Using the Gameforge client you can download and update even more great Gameforge titles, all at the click of a button. Most and soon all Gameforge games will be supported by the Gameforge client.

    Yeah... I can't see any players of this game being interested in other GF titles, and this is just another example of why.

  • try to kick out autologin addon from interface folder if u got it solved my problem with loading server list

  • I just did europe but it still says wrong pass or username while i've entered the correct one and its on eu english so idk whats wrong

  • added more accounts on this and with right info and still says pw error or account and triple checked all is written as it should

  • well it makes the decision much easier to just stop logging game and move on :) so they are actually helping us for once