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  • Few more suggestions.

    From a player's perspective all his game characters end up under one master accounts (or several master accounts if one chooses so but this is not relevant). This makes old account sort of obsolete. Why not let people select characters directly from one master account. Of course, there still should be a possibility to somehow group up characters. Just no point doing it in old terms (again, this is from usability point of view, not marketing).

    Since Gameforge seems to accept the fact that multiple characters online is the way many people the game, how about to make few improvements on this part? First, proper implementation of "global" AFK status. Second, a possibility to inform all logged characters that one of them got a whisper or other interaction. Of course, this can be implemented by custom addons right now but why not make a uniform solution?

  • No accounts should be lost - we are not moving game databases, you will just link RoM (or other games) accounts to Gameforge Account, but game accounts will be still in normal database.

    Maybe you won't be able to access them, because you don't remember the data to link them, but our Support will be there for you to help in such cases.

    ...not being able to access my accounts without Support?? This is what Gameforge wants to sell us as a big progress and improvement? :cursing::?:

    Well, the data needed to link your account is the account name and its password.

    I'm not sure how you can't know those.

  • ...not being able to access my accounts without Support?? This is what Gameforge wants to sell us as a big progress and improvement? :cursing::?:

    It's the same as currently: imagine that you don't remember your account login or email - how you access it? You can't, because you don't remember email so you don't get password reset. So you need to contact Support and we help you restore access.

    It will be similar later, if you don't remember credential to RoM account, you can't add it to GF Acc, so you need to contact us. It doesn't mean you need Support every time to add/access RoM accounts, you need our help only if you don't remember account data - if you do, you link it yourself and all fine.


  • I use 2 rom client folders currently for when I'm doing dailies (no addons except daily notes) and one regular for all normal gameplay. The above question would actually be useful, as I don't want to have all my extra accounts on my primary account settings. I'm sure there are many players in similar situations or would also find the above something useful to add. As multiple master accounts seems very inconvenient.

    And after all, this update is meant to be for the players benefit right? ;)

  • It will be possible to start multiply GF accounts (game clients).

    But as Dio said, once RoM Acc is added to GF acc, you can't add same game account to 2nd GF acc at the same time (same as Steam, you can't link game account to two steams ;) ).


  • That wasn't my question? xD

    Edit: Well disagree with how it works but whatever, make the game more inconvenient for players, new shop all over again ^^

    Gameforge will just keep pushing away the players who even still have faith in the game, and sarkas wonders why people aren't interested in posting actively on this forum anymore with suggestions and feedback..

  • From my perspective

    - all in one place - no need to remember million of account data to various GF games or game accounts. You just switch with one click between games/accounts.

    - No need to use external not supported addons for logging to alt accounts. Maybe not everyone are using addons for it, so it's easier for them this way.

    - smoother and less broken patching/installing system :D


  • And why aren't the addons supported? It's no different to comeonin or afk message sender. Or as mentioned in another thread, AUTOJOINARCANIUM. The rules of this game are a joke, equally as mentioned in another thread, get some clarity for God's sake.

    Smoother install system? Ha, that's what we heard with gameforge live, only made it worse from my experience xD

  • so i keep this going will it be possible to have 2 launcher with diffrent accounts Master running at the same time? or can you login 2 times to the master account and still stay online with both ?

  • - smoother and less broken patching/installing system

    In 7 years and 8 months I only had patching problems once, and I have installed RoM last time some years ago without any problem even from GameforgeLive - so regarding these points the new launcher can't be of any advantage for me

  • How will this affect Players that have 2 or more toons up at one time? Like the people we see raiding Dailies that have a group sititing to turn in at npc? Will they be able to run multi toons still?

  • Did you also download through the Client? Because if you have a fresh installation you need to copy your addons over

    [This user speaks English on a near native level.]

    [This user speaks German on a native level.]

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    In the beginning the Universe was created.

    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

    Trust me, I'm an engineer.....with epic skill and epic gear

  • i see where this is going, all the hard work that people done is gonna be erased by gameforge. simply forcing us to use new '' as you call it improved client'' is gonna make 40% of people loose their accounts because you cant really expect that everybody is gonna remember email accounts, specially if they have like 40 accounts. Me personally i only remember login name and passwords of my accounts in game, there is no way to remember all of it, and same goes for my main and first account because i made it 8 years ago and i do not remember email account i was using for it 8 years ago. I am pretty sure there are gonna be many players like that.

    Also every time i go to support it kicks out errors, and ofc there is no way of contacting support

    So whats gonna happen is : you gonna say, sorry i cant help you and wont even care that i spend hundred of euros, maybe even thousand for that account throu past 8 years and you gonna delete it.

    If you gonna be going on that politics , you gonna loose 70 % of players. but i guess that was GF goal all along so it can focus on other games

    Sorry but i dont see any positive side of releasing that thing. Thx

  • you cant really expect that everybody is gonna remember email accounts, specially if they have like 40 accounts.

    you can simply login to website with your login data and there you can see your email you have linked to your account.