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    Runes of Magic will soon be available on the brand-new portal – all games and accounts just a click away!
    Read about your advantages and what you need to take note of.

    What’s New

    The Gameforge Client – Your New Launcher

    Using the new launcher, you can now install and update all Gameforge games and manage your accounts, all at the click of a button! The launcher also provides an improved patching process, always keeping Runes of Magic up to date.

    One Account for All Games

    From now on you’ll only need a single account to be able to play all Gameforge titles. You can link any existing accounts you already have to your Gameforge account. Going forward, this unified account is the only one you’ll ever need.

    Multiple RoM Accounts Made Easy

    All your Runes of Magic accounts are linked in your Gameforge account. Gone are the days of constantly logging in and out with different usernames and passwords. Simply choose the account you want to play on in the client, and away you go! You can even play with multiple RoM accounts at the same time!

    Here’s What You Need to Know

    Simply Adjust Your Account

    When you sign in to your RoM account for the first time, you can link it to a new or existing Gameforge account with just a few clicks. Then you can keep playing as usual.

    Combine All Your Accounts

    If you have more than one RoM account, you can link them to your Gameforge account as described above. That way you will only need to log in once.

    Sign In With Your Email Address

    You can now log in directly via the new launcher. Simply sign in with your Gameforge account details. You will no longer need your account names: all you need is your email address. Then you can select the RoM account you want to play on.

    Any more questions? Then take a read of our FAQ or post your questions in our forums or on Facebook.

    See you in the game!
    The Runes of Magic Team