How can I raise my Craft skill levels above Level 20?

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  • Can anyone tell me what I have to do to raise a production skill above Level 20, please? I have one gathering skill at level 40 - I'm wondering whether I have to buy another Skill Training Certificate. I already have two, for Levels 15 and 20. This is all very confusing. I'm not even sure how I managed to get to Level 40 in a gathering skill. The instructions above are all I can find, and they don't appear to work.

    Help, please? :/?(:huh:

    Thanks! :D

  • Hello :)

    If I understand correctly, you are in possesion of two scrolls named Skill Training Certificate for lvl 15 and lvl 20. Well, they are not for crafting, they are for elite skills. This is something completely different.

    If you want to level your crafting up, you need to follow the instruction you quoted above:

    Novice: Novice Instructors are found in Varanas (Varanas Lower City East or Varanas Lower City West), Obsidian Stronghold(Crafting Square), and Coast of Opportunity (Heffner Camp (Production) or Hending Harbor (Gathering)). They teach basic crafting skills, and grant the rank of Apprentice. When your skill reaches 20, they will raise your rank to Craftsman after completing a quest, except the Heffner Camp instructors, who do not assign quests. They sell recipes for levels 21 to 40.

    So, visit Varanas or Heffner and find the correct NPC. After talking to him/her you will eventually get a mission to complete, and after the complition you will be granted a higher rank in crafting. Of course there are some limitations concerning the number of craft skills you can develop to a certain level...

    And if you want to use Skill Training Certifcate, talk to an NPC in Class Hall in Varanas in order to get new elite skills forl lvl 15 ond 20. Of course if you already have the elite skills, you will not get anything :D

    Kindly regards -

    Vimma from Perun (yeah, it's Nawia now...)

  • if you have no production skill leveled, you only need to find correct npc of the production that you want to level and talk to it in varanas for example

    First option :

    First option:

    obviously yes

    and done

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  • Thank you both for your comprehensive replies. They are much appreciated. :)

    My problem is that I have tried what you suggested, and there are no quests available, no conversations available re upgrading levels. I'm nearly tearing my hair out, because I enjoy the crafting side of the game, and want to increase skill levels in at least two crafts. I particularly want to increase the herbalism skill, but the person I'm supposed to talk to has nothing to offer. :(

    I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly, but I can't figure out what it is. I remember I had this same problem when I played the game 9 years ago, lol.

    Thanks again. ^^

  • If no-one wants to talk to you i suggest you make a picture from your crafting page to look closer what you have learned.

    there are limits with craftings how many you can have.

    To me looks like that you have learned a other crafting higher and that's why you can not get more quests.

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  • Thank you all for your supportive replies. ^^

    I have discovered why I am not able to level up - as you have rightly said, I have maxed out that particular area and now have to wait for a crafting skill expansion ticket to arrive in the item shop. Very frustrating, lol. ^^