Watermelon event

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  • I am a quest completionist but I ain't killing at least 3200 mobs to complete those quests. No ty.

    Y can be long, but it consist in few hours of grind.

    Definetly much shorter than Moa quests ;)

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  • will the "strange Watermelon Seed" disappear after event change or stay?

    Ut should not vanish, as there is no expiration on them, BUT you wont have an NPC to spend them on. Just make sure you spend any you have on you that last evening. :)

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  • I think the event was a success (after the fix) so the event might come back next year.


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  • For next year they need to increase drop globally on the seeds from the loot table, not from a server side event by gameforge. Then they need to fix the quest and give the title out upon completion, useless keyitem for an event that doesn't even exist in the code is preety useless.

  • Nothing, it's a useless keyitem used in the past by the publishers of the Chinese version of the game for this event. You were never gaurenteed the title. I would imagine gameforge will manually send out the title after the event though to people who completed the quest.

    We will be sharing more information about the festival title in the near future.

    For now, I can say it won't be given this Thursday, but in the following weeks after the end of festival and more detailed information will be shared, so stay tuned.


  • Honestly the easiest and best thing to do with the title is just give it to everyone who completed the quest. Rng titles like the way this quest was designed is stupid. Title ranks already ruined with the cash shop being a huge part of it. Rng should not be a factor. If you work for it you shoild get the reward.

    Oh and since you decided to actually run the server event, you yourself made it from maybe 15 people who completed it, to probably over a thousand. To shaft people who would've farmed it regardless.. Stupid.

  • For next year they need to increase drop globally on the seeds from the loot table, not from a server side event by gameforge. Then they need to fix the quest and give the title out upon completion, useless keyitem for an event that doesn't even exist in the code is preety useless.

    are you talking about the quests that require 35 and 25 seeds? they give title?

  • Wanted to say thank you to event makers. I think overall event was big succes. Im sure many staked nice xp /tp/drop foods, farmed many +20 jewels and plused some items.

    Thanks event was fun. :)

  • Some thoughts after the dust had settled.

    Both events are enjoyable but certain aspects seem underthought.

    Scarlet and strange seeds should better be available from mobs that give tp and mirrors (including all elites). However the chance of being in loot should be affected by drop buffs. 100% is just as ridiculous as fixed 3% although not that frustrating. And certainly my appreciation to the support team for quick analysis and fixing the way they could.

    I'd say the optimal is obtaining about 150 a day (= purple watermelon) if doing all mirrors and maybe killing some zone/instance mobs.

    And rewards for the quests were well... eccentric at the current level cap.

    Dasein boss was pretty much boring tank and spank. Mana drain brought an element of surprise but only for the first time. The rewards were not impressive either. I'm personally not motivated to redo it.

    Non-instanced boss and especially labyrinth might be good if more thought is put into implementation. Maybe increasing size or chest spawn rate according to the server population.

    Otherwise competing with unknown (but definitely excessive) number of players with a slim chance of reward and upfront payment is a bit smelly. It's no secret that many players consider Gameforge's policy as scam abusing loopholes in the legal system. This brand new event could negate the impression, not support it.

    And small interface tip. It's better not port a player inside right away but ask first "are you willing to pay NNN gold to enter?". Possible with informing about boss status and the number of people present in the labyrinth.

  • Just re: watermelons/seeds

    I don't really see the general principle of the event items not being able to be affected by drop buffs changing, mostly because of the way RW structures loot and the mechanic itself works. (And yes this took a while to figure out since such things are not written anywhere explicitly)

    After the manual fix the chance was 60/40 on every affected normal mob - the expected value for a proper event is somewhere in the general area of 20% for both types, not 3%/2% like before the fix - and has been filed as a bug/change request to RW. Guess we'll only know by next year if they'll actually do it. :)

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