Help, Yellow tier in my weapon

  • Ok I go straight to the point,

    I have my 3 tier 12 and i want to do this

    <<<<<< yellow t12

    and NOT THIS

    <<<<< green t12

    sorry for my bad english, but if you can understand me i want to put the yellow tier 12 in my weapon like the firts img

    If there is a procedure or guide please let me know, thanks

  • As the general theory says, every merge leaves only 6 lowest stats. But what if they have same rank? Here comes the trick.

    Arcane transmutor cells have different priorities. Center is the highest, then top left, then top right. You don't need to remember this, just swap mana stones till you like the result.

    There is one exception. Stats on items will have higher priority regardless of the slot (we are still stalking about same rank case).

    This means you can make mana stones starting from low tier items and keeping your 6 yellow stats.

    Basically, there are two options.

    1. When producing t12 make sure one of them has the stats you want and then put it in the highest priority slot when tiering your weapon.

    2. When you have t5 stone with 6 yellow stats make 2 more t5 mana stones (any would do) and apply your 6 yellow stats to the item. After this you can safely tier it with any 3 t12 stones.

    Upd. One more detail. Don't use fusion stones you buy from NPC to extract yellow stats. If you do, you'll get a mana stone with both yellow and green stat of the same rank and they you cannot get rid of the green stat.

    You can get fusion stones with level III and IV stats from public quests in Dalanis, Weeping Coast, Savage lands. If you use them with your yellow stat item, the produced mana stone will have only one level I stat, namely the yellow one and it can be safely merged with others.

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  • refer to to preserve yellow I's

    you will need at least six fusion stones with green III's or IV's from the Dalanis public events

    the yellow I stats come from blue items from starter zone mobs. high drop rate buffs helps. check AH

    make sure to use only clean drops. not sure if drop rate influences clean item drops

    here are the blues, yellow stats in ()'s and mobs to farm. sorry if the formatting is hard to follow.

    Pioneer Trousers (Soul I) Fungus

    Diter's Snow Coat (Speed I) Young Bear

    Sentry's Chaincoat (Seclusion I) Wolf, Bubsitan, Cave Rock Scorpion

    Blizzard Bow (Observance I) Wolf Cub, Bubsitan

    Military Shield (Resilience I) Beetle, Northern Plunderer

    Hammer of the Mother's Instructions (Oppression I) Wilt-leaf Bat

    Nail Gun (Agility I) Kobold Miner

    Vender's Lost Sword (Force I) Newt

    Kobold Harvester (Observance I) Anglo

    Long Cane Staff [green item always clean] (Genius I) Kobold Gatherer

    Combat Robe (Savant I) Shadow Newt

  • thank you, I always wondered where to get them.
    But it seems a lot of work to me to farm them so I stay with the green level III stats then:

    (take any T5 / T6 item and use the fusion stones with III's and IV's to build all three T10/T11/T12 stones)