looking for a guild/ introduction

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  • hello i am new to the game [and new to the new forums ;) ]

    Just wanting to say hello and also to ask if their are any guilds around that i might be able to join? I'm so new i haven't really picked my server yet so any server is fine :D

    thanks and take care/happy hunting,


  • Well, to start off, there is only the one US server, Aeterna. Secondly, welcome to RoM!

    Just because I am curious, how did you find/join us?

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  • thanks bludwyng and i found the new forums from the old ones on the RoM/gameforge forums webpage ;) [this is after i looked up wow clones on google/youtube]

    then from browsing the new forums [and your wiki links] i am now play testing some classes/characters on Aeterna right now!

    also ty for your reply mate :)

  • There are quite a few guilds that recruit new players. OBG mentioned above, Temperance, Sillyrabbits, Strawhats, Aurora, and Otaktay come to mind. I'm sure there are more. In your 'say' chat type in /join world (small w) for access to a global chat channel that does not cost diamonds and say you are looking to join a guild.

  • I agree that east coasters seem to have a time zone problem with running instances. Most larger guilds run after the 7pm Pacific siege, which means they start at 11pm eastern, and midnight Atlantic (eastern Canada) I was okay with that when I lived in Idaho, but now that's hard for me to do in NY. Running before the siege, you sometimes snag up on a boss and don't get it finished before everyone bugs out of the group. My only recommendation is to buy some megaphones and shout out to get a group going. You will build a group of folks you run with regularly.

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