Hall of earth(other halls) Entrance not work properly on Idun server!?

  • From the beginning of server Idun "Hall of earth" Entrance Closes after every maintenance! And i Know/see that on other servers is no the SAME!

    With low population it take month to collect money for open it, and process of opening is a day or two, so if "Hall of earth" Entrance open in Middle of week ... next maintenance close it. that mean less then 5-6 days Instance is open???

    And why only on Idun server is so?

    Hope for answer soon and some Changes around this problem/bug.

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  • Arcanium chamber stays open after maintenance if it was not open for 72 hours prior to the maint. Otherwise it closes. It's same for every server. If you want it to stay open for over a week, force it to open by donating the gold required on a saturday.

  • Definitely was open for more than 72 hours this time. Have to think i will have to make observing + screening every faze and waste lot of time for that. Is nearly imposible for ~ 1 year to open Arcanium chamber every time Monday- Friday ? Coz never see it stay more then 5 days

    Maybe is time Gameforge suport member to come and check the case!

    Also Many players see no point in all this "open close" story!

    Think is time ot separate Donation NPS for Arcanium chamber status.

    Buff/donation NPS stay all the time and give bufs for gold , Arcanium chamber open all time for all wgho want to do whatever they do there!

    Game is 10 years old ... HoE ~4 years Do we realy need all this "open close" story?

  • It stayed open after maintenance yesterday but has now closed.

    What I don't understand is how the auto-donations take so long to open it in the 1st place. I got the feeling it went faster on Vidar (and yes, I do contribute every day).

  • It is perfectly normal that it stays few hours open after maintenance and then shuts down depending on what phase is.

    I you see a message like its about to close before maintenance then it is for sure going to close.

    The donations depends obviously on the amount of players donating.

    During summer less runs less / SW so less need for the buff,, hence taking longer.


  • Auto-donations isn't really the main source of opening HoE for first phase, on Vidar i doubt it even is 25% of the final 200m required. Idun has less gold on server as its only a year old compared to others, so i would imagine the auto-donation is doing a large amount for it. At this point HoE is so old that they probably should just open it permanently and enable Jess hays to give out the buff/quest even when its open. No one is running the other halls anyway.

    Anyway to sum up, hoe open for 72 hours before maint = close. Usually takes about 30mins after maint for it to close.

    HoE not open before maint means donations are carried forwards past the maint.

    HoE open for less then 72 hours before maint = it stays open until next server restart.

  • what would be better for halls would if they were open for 1-2 weeks after/before maint from the server side and then the time before next its closed and can be opened again via gold donations