Skill Training Certificates

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  • Would someone please advise me if skill training certificates are a requirement for leveling up craft skills? I have levels 15 and 20, but am not sure whether to pursue anything higher. Are they useful to have?

    Also, how do I get hold of a Crafting Skill Expansion Ticket? I have levels 34 and 32 for mining and woodcutting, but can't rise above 20 in herbalism, and am unable to collect herbs from the higher levels.

    Thanks ^^

  • You can only get them in the Itemshop. And thay have been in for weeks during the last Event.

    Here is a german Thread about this Topic: Handwerk/Sammelberufe

    In short: if you want to max all collecting Skills, you need one of the lowest, and two of each higher tickets.

    Baldr - Secretmage