Model folder legal?

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  • Hi, was wondering about model folder. Is it legal to use any modifications to game folders to reduce lags or other advantages?

    Like in old days when champs juts came up, aoe lags were disconecting entire raids. So i heard that there was model folder that can disable that kinda of animations.

    Or i just saw in sw video where player dont see champ shield form skin. I im sure when i played sw I saw big robots fighting with each other but on other player vids is small guys. So what kinda effects can be changed or reskined? Can it be with right modification you can see rogues in invisible. Just with this model folder like take hide effect of same like champ shield animation.

    Also its quit an advantage when someone using it. Often im using transform pot to reduce champ gigantic shield animation. So it takes 1 buff spot and it can lead to overbuff while other guy use folder and all good.

    Also i think there should be like somekinda legality chek or cheat check when you enter for example SW. Like only certain things, addons alowed in there and that it. To make all more equal. Or addons made by gameforge and not by some random guy. Who now can be big step ahead of others which are not addons makers or dont have a clue about any kind of coding.

    Also when item set skill staking will be fixed? Like knight iss staks, im sure some other clases can stak iss too even its not mean to be by game developers. That makes players to go for bugged clases to get advantage and so you can see top sw is 5x vs 5x hiting each other by 3k or even for 0 for half sw.

    But mainly is model folders legal to use?

    Also are buff alt folder or what ever is called is legal? Again is so funny that its all aloved and its not widely available?

    Like for some who dont know. In SW players use alts to make them stronger. Often highend guilds use autobuff staff macros or dunno how it call. Which buff player when its close in certain range or anyother kinda. If its only macro would be np. But some includes serious game folder changes. Again is it legal?

    If its not why its alowed to use for so long time? Like literaly years of game. If its legal why its not available for more guys so other can auto buff too or disable animations or anyother staff that makes some things fast, easier, powerfull.

    Any insight?

  • There is a visual bug that occurs when you die, that sometimes it keeps the target on the player it was on before it died, even if player is invisible, but it doesnt mean its truly targetting you. The only way to know for sure is if you see them change targets and then change it to you specifically.

  • Not talking about dead player, players alive under invi tower targetted by enemy. But y sometimes u see oppo chasing rogues in hide directly.

    About the main topic: to solve definetly model problem, GF could consider to release its own official version of the folder, to help players who need it and to remove this question form the hot topics.

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  • Temporarily closed. I will sort this out later. Some posts have been disabled and some will stay like that.

    Do not open another thread about models.

    Yes, they are forbidden.


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  • Sarkas

    Closed the thread.
  • So I will reply to this thread first coming up with some facts:

    Things that are forbidden are not to be discussed in the forums.

    - Model Folder: Not allowed

    - Discussion about Model folder: Not allowed

    - Accusation of someone doing something: Not allowed


    To answer those who came up with the 'I'm invisible and they see me'

    They don't. When they have had you in target and you become invisible afterwards. You are invisible until you are part of any combat again.

    When we recieve reports about people being in hide/invisible/whatever with screenshots showing they got you in target there's nothing we can actually do about it, because technically they lost your target, but it doesn't update on the invisible person's end.


    Accusation "someone did something"

    It doesn't matter what it is. If you want to draw our attention to it, report it via support:

    I was going to open this thread again, but knowing it's all about models and how everyone has an opinion not suited for this forum - yes, we have rules and you accepted them - it will stay closed.

    Opening a new thread about folders might get you in some trouble that you could possibly avoid.

    Thanks for the attention. You can breathe now, I'm done ranting.


    ToS | Community Guidelines | Support - Questions and Answers

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