Dissipating All Fortune Quest

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  • Would some kind soul please tell me where I have to stand in order to get the expensive rune to work for the "Dissipating All Fortune" quest? Obviously I need to be beside a Giant Guardian, but I cannot seem to get the expensive rune to work.

    I can be standing right behind, or in front of, or beside a Giant Guardian, and still be told "You need a Guardian nearby you in the ruins to use that" ! Does the Guardian have to be standing in the actual ruins?

    Perplexed and frustrated, I am. ^^

    Thanks everyone! ^^

  • oh , I know this one . you have to stand directly underneath it . don't use your mouse cursor or you will target it and it will kill you . I used my arrow keys to move inside ( underneath ) the mob ,then the stone thing worked . : )

    no guts no glory lol

  • I've just done this quest on alt, my char was standing right at the guarding or maybe a bit in front of it. So it's probably about location.