Runes of magic will close the servers ????

  • EN: Any news about new merge? Post#10 and #11 (check mine and Pologs)

    DE: Asiatische Server schließen ( check Post#15 by Darcoon)

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    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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  • Any news about new merge?

    Given that the new content has already been created years in advance I doubt this has an effect on future updates for our servers. Although it will be interesting to see how bug "fixes" are handled now, as I believe that previously bug reports were sent from GF to the developers. Since RW don't have their own servers for the game now (or shortly, won't) it will be interesting to see if they pay even less attention to these bug reports now. Although given some of the bugs that have existed for years and not been fixed, perhaps it will make no difference. I guess the EU servers will continue to exist until the game is no longer profitable, which might be a while still as long as I would imagine a fair proportion of the active playerbase buys diamonds (a lot of those who don't have probably quit since it's hard to find dia sellers).

  • The rumor that RoM is shutting down is as old as RoM. The Death of RoM has been announced more frequently than Clark Kent/Superman. I have played RoM since BETA and I promise you, U first heard this rumor less than a year after RoM launched.

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  • henlo, bleb

    Runewaker doesn't give up on their project. They only closed servers that been a (few) version(s?) behind the stuff that we get from them. Literally nothing changes from that point of view.


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