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  • So in January of 2020 those of us who use WIndows 7 are faced with keeping Windows 7 until it is no longer possible to use because of vulnerbilities no longer being taken care of and vendor programs no longer working in it. Upgrade to WIndows 10, which doesn't sound like more fun than people should be allowed to have and I really don't want to suport Microsoft. Or migrate to another OS.

    I have tried playing ROM in UNIX and had mixed results. Most of those results where ROM working worse. So my question is, are there any UNIX users out there who can tell me what they do to be able to play ROM? Thank you.

  • Runes of Magic actually ran pretty well in Linux/Unix. I was playing semi-regularly on Fedora 20 back in the day and it was noticeably more stable than Windows. There were a few WINE addons and programs you had to install and some interesting settings but it worked really well.

    However, when the item shop went to browser based, that's when the usability went out the window. The item shop was/is completely non-functional on *nix. Therefore, it was deemed "non-playable" due to the dependance on the item shop.

    Best stick with Windows. If you don't want to buy Windows 10 you don't exactly have to. As of yet an unlicensed copy of Win10 is nearly 100% functional, just a taskbar notification and inability to change the desktop backgrounds or personalization are all that's missing.

  • Thanks much for the input. I had one person tell me there was a way to disable the item shop from using a broweser. Glad I had backups of ROM as ROM didn't want to work using that suggestion.