Additional Siege Wars Guidelines

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  • The following guidelines are in addition and to clarify the Terms and Conditions of Runes of Magic (EU / NA)

    The guidelines consist, but are not limited to, clarification of some actions and behaviours during the Siege Wars. The Runes of Magic Team has all rights to change the guidelines at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or changes made in the game and make a ruling over behaviours and actions, which are not mentioned below.

    The following actions and behaviours have been reviewed:

    1. Attacking of buildings inside or entering the enemy castle without destroying the gate or using any means that will bypass the walls/gates: are not allowed.
      1. The throne can only be destroyed if the inner gate has been destroyed at least once before.
      2. Herald Tornado/Vehicles (for example Catapult) can be used to destroy buildings through the wall.
      3. Warden companions are not allowed to destroy buildings while the gates are closed.
    2. Vehicles (for example Battering Ram):
      1. Entering the Battering Ram or any other vehicle, while a cast/skill bar is in progress is not allowed.
      2. Usage of any item/skill inside the vehicle except the vehicle's specific skills is not allowed.
    3. Placing objects on non-reachable positions is not allowed
    4. Usage of items not intended for siege war, like quest or instance items, is not allowed.
    5. Usage of exploits and hacks is not allowed and strictly forbidden by Runes of Magic Terms and Conditions.

    Reports of other players must include images or videos showing the user proof. Images or videos altered in any way can not be used as proof.