[DISCORD] Runes of Tavern

  • Ok so, with some friends from different servers we AGAIN discussed about what happened on Runes of Magic during past months. We spent most of our time crying because there’s still no server merge planned. And then we had an idea: What if we could merge servers by ourselves? :/

    So we did it… almost!

    We created a Discord server called Runes of Tavern. For those who don't know, Discord is a voice and text chat software, like a beautiful version of TeamSpeak.

    Its purpose is simple: Talk about everything you want: your last SW, PVE, your gear, share your videos/screenshots, meet everyone from different servers.

    This discord is open to everyone, feel free to join by adding this link : https://discord.gg/yWXvq7y to your discord app.


    • When entering our discord server, please type in the discord chat ? followed by your server. For example: ?Nuada. Our bot will then give you access to all our channels

    • Please have your ingame name as your discord name. This way we know who we're talking to ! (You can change it on our server if you already have an account with a different name)


    • Kust keep in mind that repeated behaviour (including rudeness, insults and spam) that is detrimental to the community, will not be tolerated (we'll be a bit more tolerant regarding SWs discussions because we know you). Be respectfully rude ;)

    • As it is an international discord, the official language here is English. Please try not to use any other language.

    See you there !

    PS: I'd like to share it on DE/PL/ES forums, but I'm a bit lazy, please help me !


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  • General reminder:

    The Game team does not offer support for anything happening on external sites and services.

    Game Masters will never join privately run servers. We do not perform any kind of support over external sites and services.

    The Runes of Magic team will never ask you for your password. Do not give your Game Credentials to anyone else.

    Posting private conversations publicly on the boards without the consent of all participants is not allowed.

    PS: Took you longer than I thought to come up with this. :P


    When people join discord, they have to type ? followed by server name, like this : ?Vidar. Our bot will then give access to all our rooms.

    This way we know who belongs to which server, and know who we're talking to !


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  • Nice, good to see RoM Community also found out taht Discord exists. Was one of my fears since I'm here again.

    Baldr - Secretmage