Running thoughts and feedback on the 10th anniversary event

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  • Just some thoughts and feedback on this years anniversary event as we go through it

    First: the daily login bonus


    I love the change in format from once every 24 hours to once daily. I hope when the daily login bonus reverts it STAYS in this format!

    I also like that the item comes through the daily login so that I can choose which toon gets the item. To me this is worth losing our regular daily login bonus for 10 days


    The rewards so far have been total crap compared to the previous anniversary events. I certainly was expecting better for this being the TEN YEAR EVENT ! It's a milestone event in the games history and so far it feels more like it was an afterthought

    Day Item Received

    1: 1000 House energy points

    2: Golden Repair hammer

    3: Awakening Potion

    4: Enhancement potion

    5: Standard Aggregator

    6: Standard Aggregator

    7: Powerful Pet Growth Potion

    8: Potent Luck Pot

    9: 1000 house energy

    10: 7 Day Festive Forest Alpaca :(

    Second: XP/TP/Drop rate


    we got one?


    200/500/200 again doesn't really strike me as an epic event. It strikes me as just a regular tp/xp/dr event. why wasn't this made more special for the 10th anniversary?

    General thoughts

    Extending the event over what basically equates to 30 days is a good idea, but honestly the way it is being done is just a negative.

    we have the 10 day login bonus from 10mar to 19 mar

    the PoM event from 22 Mar to 31 Mar

    and somewhere in between that the actual festival itself "IF it ever kicks in"

    This should have all happened at the same time and it should have been inline with the festival.

    Speaking of the PoM event. I know every level 100 toon will be farming PoM's at Sardo Castle. "same as always". It sure would have been nice to mix up the OTHER boss mobs that drop for lower level toons and newer/returning players.

    I'll be updating this as we go with any more info from the event. "I'm really looking forward to the NEW event that is supposed to be added this year"


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  • ouch ! and i thought i had it bad.

    Day three gift was an Awakening Potion

    Question for you folks at gameforge....

    do you think this was a good idea?

    Honestly the mail rewards we get for standard events "laor forest tarts ect" would have been better than this drek.

  • The Login Event also runs from 10th – 19th March and guarantees some cool prizes. Simply log in each day to collect your rewards – and whoever collects theirs every day can also look forward to a final special login reward!

    This is hilarious, I feel bad for the admins over here, I am sure even they would be as disappointed as we are because none of them would have absolutely no explanation to this.. !!

  • I preferred the gashas this is no party just disappointment

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  • This game enters loop, everything same every month, year.... Nothing changes and became so boring... Such a shame for RoM :'(

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    alt: Ralence

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    guild: Dragonlords

    country: Serbia

  • This game enters loop, everything same every month, year.... Nothing changes and became so boring... Such a shame for RoM :'(

    Truth !

    Today's reward was a Enhancement potion...... yeah thanks........

    Well atleast the festival kicks in tomorrow. Hopefully it will rescue this

  • The problem is with this year's rewards isn't the delivery system, which at least let's you distribute the rewards to the chars of your choice on an account but rather, as is being highlighted here, the quality of the rewards. The available rewards are far inferior to previous years, in terms of usefulness to the majority of players (the diamond value is irrelevant here).

  • Caladin I agree

    Todays reward was a standard Aggregator /bleh

    Few notes now that the patch is live.

    1: Secret gardens is in even though its not listed in patch notes

    2: The Debt obsolver in CP is gone

    3: I still cant figure out how to activate the Frogmania thing. If anybody has a clue fill me in.... I checked mail and NPCS and nada

    4: The cake buff is a drop rate buff and the pots you get seem to be permanent "thank you for not making these 7 day pots"

    I haven't had a chance to run the new mini game yet, so expect info on that soon !

  • dray_on_forum yup you are correct ! I figured it out. i was looking at this note and miss read the dates.

    In-game login event

    • Event description: Receive a 10th Anniversary Gasha on first login of the day, in addition to Frog Mania Buff (stack up daily until max of 5). Based on amount of stacks receive Celebration Certificates which can be exchanged at the Anniversary NPCs.
    • Dates: 19.03 - 25.03
    • Additionally: Login on the 19.03 and receive a Little Jumping Flower - Pet Box.

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  • Just participated in the new event.

    It's very similiar to the snowball fight we do at christmas time. boss mob with a small target area. you run around grabbing energy balls to toss at him.

    50 hits = 10 tix = 1 turn in for me. "Have to test if it works on the same mechanics as the snowball event, where 1 hit and exiting is more efficient"

    I recieved

    Digital Enigma Pack

    A large Mysterious reward from the Misty group. Opening this package will give you one gift: 10th anniversary Gasha, Dancing Lion Piglet, Grand Doge Mount, Spring Piglet, or Grand Doge !

    I received the 10th anniversary Gasha. Possible rewards from that are

    1 Kitsune Mount (permanent)

    4 Daily quest Tix

    1 Phoenix redemption

    3 Advanced Star Jewels - Elven

    3 Advanced Moon Jewels - Elven

    3 Advanced Sun Jewels - Elven

    5 Home Sweet Home Runes

    5 marking Ink

    5 Transport Runes

    Phase 2 is nearly impossible, everybody got locked down, so we couldnt really continue

  • Ran back in and got a single hit. you do get a single reward for it. Not sure its as quick as the snowball fight was. Teleports only take you to the boss for the fight. you will have to run back to reset. "if that makes sense"

    Phase 2 is very funneled for the players and the bosses aoe get anyone in range so basically i had to run in and toss the energy ball, get transformed into the metal sphere, stuck report out, port to Central plaza and collect my 1 ticket. seeing as you need 10 tix for a turn in..... not good.

    Unless somebody else figures out a better way to do that.

  • Did all 3 bosses yesterday not much really else than to avoid circles on floor and some other craps and throw balls. Prizes are pretty lame since mostly just 7 days mounts/pets . No wow factor really in this new event.

    |Quest Completed: 7023|Titles obtained: 710|Cards: 1897|

  • Good topic because I am also flabbergasted with the rewards. The rewards are total crap. Why on earth would you replace the daily gift system when the prizes are not even better. A total joke because I expected great prizes for a 10-year anniversary...