Anniversary Event

  • Am I the only person seeing this Anniversary Event as the xp boost and daily boxes from the 10th through 19th and the Pom trade in event from the 22nd till the 31st only? I hope I am wrong but after All the "Great Changes" I am not to hopeful. I see no information on how or when I will receive reward for Having started this account in 2009, and I see no other post mentioning any events except the 4 I mentioned (no details at all).

  • I am assuming there will be a maintenance on or about the 21st and and they will implement a patch with the other events, inc the garden. The skins would come with that I think.

  • I am not seeing anything related to the login event, nothing seems to be coming up on Aeterna?

    Ah, it seems to be a replacement daily loyalty bonus. Dammit, missed the first day

  • yeah, they decided to give us a lot less. Previous years, we got daily login stuff in the mail alongside our normal daily loyalty stuff. So do enjoy the advanced aggregators instead of your normal daily loyalty pulls!

  • I am more wondering is this all???? No Certificates no Mount crafting, no Great gifts as in the past from Secret Garden? Just wondering if they will Have "Improved" this event to the point that it stinks compared to the regular anniversary events enjoyed in the Past.

  • Ingame event (festival) has obviously not happened yet since there was no patch rolled out to change the festival (d'oh!) but is underway. :)

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  • Thank You Saito I just wanted acknowledgement that we had "True" festival coming and not just these mini events ie xp/tp loyalty bonus etc.

  • Think its called treasure riot or deeply hope so for all ours sake

    Corrected haha "Deeply hope for "GF" sake."

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  • Treasure Riot

    • Event type: find and collect items
    • Start NPC: Kekonee
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: Find a collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

    Fifio You are right, it could be this, as its the same NPC for the card trade. Let's hope they got the cut and paste wrong on the description!

  • Too funny check FB. I will hold out hope but "Everything will be where have to Be"? Where are the "Great

    new items in gift shop", Where is The fantastic Deals on Diamonds, Heck where is the Item Shop (Sometimes opens a window in game sometimes a separate window and sometimes just does not open) YOU are not playing RoM but Shell's Fantasy