Remove 12 Hour Haidon Fountain Buffs from game to prevent significant crashes in siege

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  • About once every 3 weeks to a month we experience a siege war where everyone crashes 20+ times. This is directly that are triggered by getting the Haidon Buff from the fountain in Varanas. The buffs I am talking about are the ones that last 12 hours. I am not talking about the ones that last 2 hours.


    This is one of the buffs.

    The three buffs are:

    "Wish Fulfilled: Courage" - 30% EXP

    "Wish Fulfilled: Luck" - 30% Drop Rate

    Wish Fulfilled: Devotion" - 30% TP

    They all three have the same icon as above.

    Their respective IDs are: 621995, 621996, 621997

    They CANNOT be removed from a player by right clicking on it. In fact, the only way to get rid of it is by letting it expire.

    Runewaker: Please disable players from being able to get the three buffs above to prevent crashing in siege war.

    Gameforge: Temporary solution since you probably can't remove it or allow players themselves to right click it, please add an NPC that will remove the buff from the player and make an announcement acknowledging that it causes crashes so players can self monitor it.

    Playing again in 2018 2020 (Maybe)


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  • Remember, the guild castle tower buffs used to be un-removable by the player. Then they changed them in that one big patch and they became removable. So, it can be done. Much preferable to disabling the buffs, as some people do not seige.

  • The quests don't work on any server cos the scripts for Chaos Vortex won't run (apparently). Every now and then someone on Vidar or another server asks for the ini (I think) to be reset so it can be run.