wing of the dragonking

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  • Hi, ıdun sw player we want Wing of the dragonking recipe (fire power talisman). Because made dps is getting less. Dungeons also become a problem. There are other sw players. Not equal.

  • Some should have got it as it was a prize option (one recipe of your choice) from a GM event that I missed.

    I would like to see this repeated so I can get both that recipe and the Serenstrum recipe for relavant alts :)

  • There are still older players with the recipe. My crafting toon has it. If you are on Aeterna, email to Grrummpy or Grumpmama to request assistance. I generally do these things for friends who supply the materials. I would be happy to consider you a friend.

    Please , not everybody now, I would have to spend weeks on that one offer.

  • you can have all what you need by following game mechanics...

    use Teaching certificate..make honor party...if you can take alt...or low lvl friend with you...take all drops buffs ( and your friend 2 )...set loot as you wish..and start killing...

    you will get so most cases alt can be on different location butt hen loot is distribute other way...

    low level characters can get all drops from mobs while high or end lvl chars are spared of lots of trash from mobs that are 10-20 levels lower ...on higher difference even aggro is low or no exist..

  • the recipe is removed from the game so no matter what mechanics you use the recipe will not drop.

    hopefully a fix on this is soon coming since the new servers have no way to get these

    if on a older server you can most certainly find someone able to craft and help you out.

    adding the link to the missing recipes: Missing recipes