A missing daily NPC in Enoch after questing in Vortis

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  • Title: A Enoch daily NPC missing after doing quests in Vortis

    Quest: The Personal Amulet of an Old Comrade

    Description: I have 2 toons that have finished questing in Vortis, and 2 toons that have done most of the quests in the new zone. The 4 toons that quested in Vortis can no longer see the NPC Anka to get The Personal Amulet of an Old Comrade daily in Enoch. My other toons that haven't started Vortis quests are still able to see the NPC to do the daily. I am not sure if this was intended as part of the storyline or not, but was hoping to still be able to do this daily.

    Server: Aeterna


  • Code
    1. Throttling the Corruptive Magic Generators --> mainquest
    2.  |
    3.  |-- Eliminating Kadnis the Sower --> mainquest (leads further down the main quest)
    4.  |
    5.  |--  Rest in Peace, comrade! --> normal quest
    6. |
    7. |-- The Personal Amulet of an Old Comrade

    I don't really see a reason or other involved quest at first glance that uses the NPC in Vortis, so can you make sure you have all the requirements on all characters?

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  • I use to do the daily on these 4 toons a couple of patches ago so I know they were attuned for it at one time. I quested 2 other toons that are able to do the daily and am going to check if they can still be done be after the dailies reset before I start the Vortis quests.

  • the npc is indeed missing:

    something is going weird here

    where the npc should be is nothing

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