Healing cloth items

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  • I have two remarks regarding the healing cloth items in runes of Magic.

    1: The phirius shell merchants, in the new patch, do not sell the 300 shell cloth items. Instead of cloth items being available, the cloth merchant sells ''plate'' armor. As the NPC is a ''robe'' seller, I believe this must be a bug.

    2: I do not get why the healing cloth items from the honor points merchants have as a set bonus an increase to strength. The other sets have bonusses which make sense; leather increases dexterity, cloth for mages increases intelligence. I think it's unnecessary to nerf healing cloth items in this way, and I think you do too (it must be a mistake since there is no reason as to give a healer strength). Moreover, the ''older'' set does give a bonus to wisdom, so previously it did make sense.

    I messaged GF about this, they said to post it on the forum too. So, here it is :)

    Hope I can too enjoy some healing storms gear!


  • phirius shell items are good only for stats that any class or lvl can get easy...they can be good for alts but they keep only last 3 lvl down from cap in shop....they are last resort for very lazy players...and i dont see point of making all gear equal...

    you have phirius shell gear,instance gear (3 modes ),crafting gear (2 type for each class),dreamland gear...EOJ gear...HOe gear...etc..sometimes even blue quest gear is best for end game....there must be some grading..

  • As a general rule, Shell gear is good for a healer as it tends to have crit and healing bonus. Yes, the ideal end-game combination includes some of everything but shell gear is a good place to start.

  • I approve your post Caladin, especially since the new players do not have the skills to farm the endurance/wisdom 293, equivalent to the land of dreams.

    It is therefore preferable to fix this bug as soon as possible, the greater the benefit of low levels.


  • Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention I am playing on the new server, Idun. We can't farm end game instances yet, therefore we resort to shell gear mainly so far! :)

    Let's see what happens