Improvement of readability of this board.

  • Here is a style sheet which slightly improves the readability of this board.

    You have to install Stylish (firefox) or an equivalent Plugin to use it.

    It's only quick'n'dirty for now, but i didn't had the time for more.


    • Background of Disabled Posts will be changed to green
    • Background of content of posts will be white (disabled, can be enabled by remove the /* */ in the "content background change" section
    • Post Editor will have same background color as the finished post
    • the background image of the admin posts is removed
    • Rank Images are hidden
    • Improved readability of breadcrumbs
    • page header is centered
    • the Footer box with the online usernames has reduced opacity
    • Badge Textcolor (e.g. the amount of users here) changed to white
    • Hyperlinks in Posts are underlined
    • Videos are smaller

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  • Diogenes

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  • Thanks for this Pyrr :)

    Here's a little darker style, I removed some backgrounds and stuff


    - Cut out rank titles because they are too long are now shown

    - Footer (at least in chrome) did create a scrollbar to the right - removed this

    - Changed font body to something that doesn't create eye cancer

    - Avatar background is now transparent

    Stylish for those who use chrome…nngjfgmeleoegfcffe?hl=de&

    Additional changes only:

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  • and a quick color mod that avoids too much brown and improves contrast towards the black text:

    (thanks for the script)

    PS: and use Stylus as addon now instead of Stylish