Cards not obtainable in game

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  • I had a chat with Zeno today cause was wondering about some cards he listed as "event cards"

    and seems the polish community has gotten them in ingame events or forum events

    so for next year i wish the EN community would be treated equally as the other servers


  • Hello,

    what I'm gonna write here is a bit of offtopic but I just have to.

    Fifio (and all Users, too), for next year I wish ALL the communities would be treated equally. Unfortunately it looks like there is no cooperation between local teams when it comes to local forum and ingame events, and the prizes given, too. Let's look at some examples:

    1. French local event, one of the prizes was a "card of user's choice":

    2. Vidar and Idun event, one of the prizes was a "craft recipe of user's choice":

    3. Spanish local event, among the prizes there was rice dumplings with red beans (idk if this is the correct name in english) and some cards:

    Maybe there are more such examples but I'm lazy and don't wanna search deeper. It would be nice if all local teams worked out some homogeneous "list of prizes" or something like that for all servers. Because now we have an unpleasant situation (in my opinion)...

    YES, I ENVY THE RECIPE!!! I'm bad...

  • Let them add these few ID to the drops from individual mobs and after the problem, it can not be so difficult... :rolleyes:

    As long as this is not the case, I support Fifio .

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  • With the Spanish server being given the rice. It was the first and only event that they were given out to them. Germans have had the most of these foods. Anyway there has been huge discrepancies between communities for a very long time. Some communities have more GM's and as such get way more in-game events. The en community have had very few events for the last few years. This however should not stop board events from taking place. Events should be hosted over entire community, is not hard to translate an event into other languages, and everyone should have an equal chance to obtain the same buffs/cards

  • With the very few teamlers which have a life next to RoM it's not easy to actually plan events. Also other communities always contributed to events, heck they even started threads for suggestions to such events. EN behaves like the special snowflake that is just sour that they don't get everything dropped into their mouth with spoon sounds.

    Of course you can complain and keep the rudeness, see where you get with that. Oftentimes have we explained how this kind of behaviour gets you nowhere and it's not worth the time to host an event full of complaints about how everything sucks.

    The events we plan and execute are not only for prizes, they are supposed to be fun and require to listen to rules of such event.

    Board events are so low on participation, for a long time we didn't even see the justification to run those.

    We are open for suggestions is what I've been telling the past 4 years now.

    Let us know what kind of event you find enjoyable, which motivates you to participate and stick to rules and we will throw all the cards at you.

  • No need of GM's online for events, you can just put NPC's like Sophia or Owenstein and let them there for exchange events, changing rewards time to time, asking for different items. You can give recipes like laor tart, the tens of bugged cards that we were asking to fix for the last decade, rice, universal pots, badges of trial... is better than see that you host some event at some time when a lot of ppl couldn't be online because of work, life or whatever. And even better, all communities can have them at the same time.

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • Sorry to crush your dreams, but that's not gonna happen. If you have a problem that your local events do not suffice for what you want to get, then it might be the better idea to get in touch with the team responsible for your server(s). The EN & US team aren't going to intervene what's happening on your server.

  • Nobody asked you to intervine, if you don't even do it in your own servers lol. I give you a suggestion that don't require of your valuable time ;)

    And btw, some ppl play in more than one server you know?

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • You can keep on spreading toxicity or start to make valuable suggestions. Which is still what I've been saying in prior posts.

    Trade/Gift NPC are for global events only. We can make suggestions to our comas for global events, but we will exclude prizes which have been rewarded in prior events for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for these suggestions. These have been rewarded for the effort players have put into their submission and to be eligible to get those again, we would require you to deal with a similiar difficulty.

  • Speachless so you are saying cause you don't have time or interest players should do your work for you?

    Versteckte Quests in Farsitan

    Other one making jokes about this situation isn't cool either

    It must be a secret hobby to deliberately misunderstand just about everything.

  • Oh neat, I got quoted.

    If you're interested in how events and planning work, then know that local events (board stuff and most live server events that involve active GM work) are planned by the individual teams, while globals are not. Trade NPC events are always global. Always. It's not available to your GMs to program them to give or trade items like cards and recipes.

    The dessert/recipe event you've quoted started in .us and moved to .com when I joined that team. It and the Finding Aqua events have become a team's attempt to correct RW's inability to fix items missing from drop tables. They are more or less on re-run. Despite players' insistence that they really want a fix for un-lootable cards and recipes, we generally don't get overwhelming participation in either event.

    I can see why you'd think that the event teams don't communicate since it's not a publicly available discussion, but this is actually not the case. Still, events are at the discretion of the teams and it's not for me to force an event on another comm or vice versa. For example, the .us team has had to sit out most live events this year due to decreased availability of teamlers. So for us, board events are the way to go. On the other hand, the situation in .us shouldn't be holding back any other community. In this way, I don't think your idea of rigorously enforced 'equality' will go far.

    If all you want is the opportunity to gain cards and recipes, contact your event teamler(s) individually and ask for one of the events listed above. In the case where some similar event is already approved or complete, obviously getting CoMa approval is often simpler. Keep in mind that reward strength is always tied to event difficulty/effort level.

    Or if you want to pick my brain about more details on event-craft, my inbox is -> that-a-way.