Returning player lookin for a chill guild

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  • So, as the title says, looking for a guild lol. Returning player, however when the servers merged I wasnt playing, and apparently didnt pay enough attention to my emails to realize what was happening ;( so, all my old toons and such are gone bye bye. so got me a new toon, starting from scratch :) got a rogue/druid atm, still a lowbie. Need a new home, hopefully with a group that doesnt mind reminding someone of some stuff, and helping them get used to any new things (including the new race and classes heh) IGN Honeybunny, shoot me a whisper/mail or whatever. Unfortunately, I am unable to use discord or other voice chat programs.

  • I do have Smexiness, scout/warden and Lagertha, rogue there actually. Any chance I can get an invite or a name of someone I can contact IG?