Return to Glory (Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest, Northern Janost Forest, Limo Desert)

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  • *This guide was posted by Tijgerhaai to the old RoM EU board.

    As anyone that has tried to find a missing quest in this quest line - it is a frustrating thing to find. Some wonderful person in Ecclesia Guild made an extremely useful list of the quests with comments, but that original page appears to be missing now. So that the information does not get lost for ever, I have reposted a copy here, though it appears to be an early version. It should be invaluable to those with problems and gives a framework for more comments to be added in in future.

    Pub Owner's "Silver Eye"

    The Lost "Silver Eye"

    Introduction to the Lionheart Knights

    Knight Trainer - Kai Kaiyinth

    Training - Ground Combat Skills

    Training - Protect The Village

    Training - Wild Plant Knowledge

    Hills of Torment

    Peace and love

    A Matter of Greater Importance!

    Training - Stage Two

    Another Kind of Training

    The Odd Funeral Parlor

    A Mysterious Death

    "Simple" Mission

    Piecing Together the Truth


    Appreciation of the Lionheart Knights

    Knighting Ceremony

    A Squire's First Mission

    Avano's Resentment

    Recovering Goods

    Defeat the Mallen Brothers Gang

    General Lance

    ------------- Disappearing soldiers-------------

    This is not part of this questline but Simon Dibark in the castle will give you this quest and it opens the teleport to DoD

    Problems at the Council of Lords

    Ambassador to Aren

    Questions Are Asked

    The Good Village of Medanor

    Medanor Pageant

    Medanor Village's Request

    Help Aren

    Aren - The Wall of Steel

    Jeno Mocliff

    Don't Do It!

    Lowr's Announcement

    Sibenth's Advice

    Oliver's Concern

    Oliver's Enlightenment

    Oliver's Death

    Informing Jessie


    Find the Murderer

    Clothes are in a house in 2 boxes behind the castle at 37.7,30

    Handmaiden Clothing

    Just right click on the buckle in your inventory and meet them in the instance inside the throneroom

    Visiting Lady Victoria

    Closing the Curtain

    Return to Dalanis

    Dalanis City

    Meeting the King

    Message from Kandor

    First Visit to Shador

    Meet the Lady of Shador

    Inquire About the Details

    Visit the Third Lady

    Shador's Concerns

    Southern Janost Forest

    Go to Kandor

    Hostile Villagers

    The Stubborn Mayor of Kandor

    Find Aidan

    Mysterious Treasure Hunter

    On the Trail in Misty Grove

    Deliver Coded Letter

    Aidan's Request

    Meat Source

    Village Finances

    Gathering Intelligence

    Morning Star's Visit

    The Panther and the Bird

    Ask the Elder for Advice

    Who Will Till?

    Disheartened Youngster-36.1,42.1

    Idle Young Man-38.7,44.7

    Idle Younster-35.7,46.6

    Exploring the Secrets of Chupura Valley

    Follow Firefly's Footsteps

    King Captured

    Knight's Sacrifice

    have to choose and fight each Toni.

    DO NOT TALK TO Drake Angerfang UNTIL YOU DO

    Operation to Rescue the King



    Crisis in Kandor

    Fear Remains

    Blood Red Road to Warnorken Castle

    Screams from the Stronghold

    Prisoner is in the second cage in the first set on the right side as you come in

    A Chance to Escape



    Return to Shador

    The Promise

    Help the Third Lady


    Drake's Tracks

    Forbidden Entry

    Angren Crisis

    talk to Jikaka Scorpionlegs at 46.4,54.1

    Lijinda's Envoy

    Exit Rh'anka village through the north, as you exit you will notice yellow text which states "Fighting can be heard from Dimstar Swamp." You will notice two nps fighting killl the red npc "Cruel Jyr'na Elf" 47,38

    ---------Attuned For RT-----------

    The Great Hunter

    The Great Hunter's Warning

    look for the Lonely Angren Warrior 49.9, 36.6

    Don't Fear Death

    Corruption of Nature

    Power Struggle

    Talk to Toni

    22.0, 47.4

    The Kidnapped Jyr'na Elf

    Talking With a Degenerated Elf

    He is in a cell on the top of a mountain at 29.2,51.4. Leave Toni and turn right like you are going out of town and the path up the mountain will be on your right, just down the hill past the next set of buildings

    Seek the Shaman of Angren


    Ways And Means

    Communication Bridges The Gap

    The Elven Quest For Power

    Elven Nature

    The Forest's Feelings

    Meet them at the entrance, after the walk he is in his cell

    Meet The King In Person

    Nax the Holy Tree

    In The Name of Nature And Peace

    Go to Nax the Holy Tree

    words footsteps, stop walk with him -> cut scene 44.5,44.1

    Finding Out About the Disaster in the Raksha Temple

    Iswan's Opinion

    Leave for Raksha Temple

    Angren's Past and Present

    End the Suspicion of Angren

    Apologize for a Thousand Year Old Mistake

    Heartfelt Apologies

    Lashana's Real Intention

    do not need to do the quests she has now.

    The Value of Sacrifice and Payment


    Reason for Provocation

    outside cave at 43.1, 51.8

    Further Contact

    Go to Limon

    Good News From Dalanis

    Shiska's Request

    Yakok's Complaint

    Gundat's Trouble

    Walls Have Ears

    STAND BY THE WALL AT 31.4,50.1

    Public Opinion Poll Report

    Toni is behind wall at 30.1, 50.4

    Disappearing Clan

    behind wall at36.9, 73.2


    Lost Cat

    Love This Smell

    Pay For Use Rules

    Endless Requests

    use grass in your bag to get seeds use bag to complete

    Good Kitty Come Back Soon


    Do you know her?

    Salt Worker's Proposal


    Test the "owner"

    Catch a Thief

    Treasure Theft

    Lucky Hit

    Start From the Beginning

    Key Evidence

    Tebarton's Promise

    Unknown Power


    in a corner at 43.0,26.3

    Further Investigation

    Seeking Help

    Persuading Helghar

    Iswan is at 27.1,51.0

    Sincere Apology

    Arms Recycling


    Plump Yasheedees

    Yasheedee Killing


    Smooth Progress

    Firefly's Identity

    Exposing the Truth

    get from Nondesript Limon at 27.7,51.5

    32.5 / 54.0, just wait until they have finished talking

    Luring the Enemy

    get from firefly at entrance to graveyard

    Tail Between the Legs

    Catch Skarbar

    Enemy in Retreat


    Goodbye Hero

    Shoot to Kill

    Toni's Rescue

  • The correct name is "Return the Glory" and the complete quest series is documented at The RoM Wiki at Return the Glory (Quest Series).

    Not just the Quest names, in order, but who starts them, where, and how to do them.

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