No loot for the last boss in the Tomb of Souls

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  • Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: Tomb of Souls (dungeon in Vortis)


    We killed the last boss was killed but no chest appeared.

    Server: Vidar

    Version: Current

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  • this happened to us today too and sometime boss is missing and lol mobs too, seems like ST all over again

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  • Well bringing this up again found a new bug concerning last boss :)

    Ok we gotten used to all boss missing or no loot or god knows whats but last night i was perplexed.

    When entering last room and ofc sigh no boss.... and then i looked wth the loot chest is sitting and waiting on us :thumbup:

    |Quest Completed: 7023|Titles obtained: 710|Cards: 1897|

  • no loot on last boss again :(:(:( can you fix it pls?


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