New Vortis Gear

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  • It's actually a good thing they didn't raise the lvl cap, as this would make 101 items start from base t6 (aka you lose 10% bonus you get from t5 to t6) while not being boosted enough in terms of ghost stats to be worth upgrading (very small increase)

  • Well, apparently, you are not considering that the bump in purple gear from tier2 to tier 3 gear (level 40 to 41) came with 12% increase in native attributes. The same happened from 60 to 61, and 80 to 81. Also, with level 101 white gear from the vendors, you can create T6 fusion stones without having to farm gear.

  • You can see on any item preview addon that the stats wouldn't have been boosted appropriately, and that the lvl "101" items would barely be better at the same tier and plussing (not worth upgrading). As it stands they are worth upgrading to.

  • There is a difference between stats and attributes. The NATIVE defense on gear, the NATIVE damage on weapons and the "Ghost stats" that appear on gear without a stat name are attributes. Those get approximately a 12% boost from the tier level of the gear. Right now, you cannot see level 101 items in the preview, because they haven't been released for us to see.

  • Yes, those are what I was talking about. Had the items been T6 base, then the "Attributes" wouldn't have got an appropriate boost. You can see this easily :

    T5 > T12 = 7 tiers

    So if the items were base t6

    T6 > T12 = 6 tiers.

    Since the items were base t5 in dungeonloots/itempreview, you would just make it T5>T11 to see it instead.

    Anyway, all of the items for the next cap are already in the database. Just some of them don't have itemnames and only IDs. Infact they have been there for months already.

  • I am not talking about the 10% boost that comes when you tier up gear. Go find a level 40 weapon from a vendor in OS, then look at the level 41 weapon from wherever it is sold. The mere fact that it is a higher NATIVE tier means a significant change in the values of those attributes. Way more than just the normal 10%.

  • But no end-gamer uses items at their native tier.

    This problem has existed every time the native tier of items has gone up (20-21, 40-41, 60-61 and 80-81).

    The only useful items at 101 would be clean white T6 items from NPCs for making tiering stones.

  • The same applies to the native attributes of instance gear. The 101 gear will be significantly (almost 20%) better at tier 8 than current instance gear at tier 8. You know what- never mind- I am tired of this conversation.

  • Unless they changed things significantly this time round, there is no way 101 ini gear at T8 would be 20% better than 100 ini gear at T8. Look at Beth (80) gear vs GoH (85 gear). Even at 5 levels difference the GoH gear is only marginally better.

    You are correct that, given T8/9/10 armour is common nowadays, there would be greater benefit at higher tiers whereas in the past gear would only be T6/7, which only gave marginal benefits.