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  • there is a lvl 93 harpy near the lvl 92 ones in Kash that is slightly better. Hoping for something useable in new zone or it will be very hard to lvl wepons above where they r at the moment.

  • Thanks for the replies... I am not sure if you quite get what I wanted, in Merdhin Tundra there is a Kentiaru Defence Tower - level 76 that I can leave my char on all night auto-firing my bow, however after a few hours even though I have stripped down to basics, no armour buffs etc the tower hp goes down and dies stopping the process.

    I was looking for another static type mob but nearer to level 100?

  • Sorry Mick, answer was in long time player shorthand!

    The Harpy Assassin can be found in Kashaylan in Waziz's Camp. The lvl 92 is at the start of the bridge to Revenant Wasteland and the lvl 93 is at the end of that bridge.

    As YC says, they are red and immortal so you can just keep attacking them. The NPCs that are fighting them will keep aggro too.. You just need to be a little careful with where you stand so you don't aggro one of the bugs there.

  • If you have a warden, or you know one that can leave it on for you, then you can do it in PK against his spirit of the oak. The warden should be buffed full HP at the moment of summon the pet. After a few hours you will kill the pet unless someone heal it, but in the meantime is a lvl 100 target.

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  • Thanks for the replies :)

    Up close I can level bow, dagger and 1H sword all at the same time :)

    I can't find any evidence that levelling my weapons has much advantage, but assume it should...

  • every level increases white hit damage, and decreases chance of missing each level you raise it.

    Every bow level increase also increases damage of autoshot as well.

    So yes it is actually very important to try and max

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