Does Gameforge say to RuneWaker that there is no need for a career balance?

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  • I once asked Runewaker on 11/20 and 12/2 this year whether they could balance the damage of the magician.

    Runewaker's customer service representatives will discuss with international publishers. And they finally told me that the publisher did not want

    Does Gameforge not feel the current imbalance between magic and physics?

    Or in fact, Gameforge didn’t even receive a query from Runewaker.

    Please Gameforge explain to the players, are you expressing your reluctance to balance magic damage? Or everyone has been cheated by Runewaker?

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  • Sorry, RW's reply made me a little angry. They just throw their responsibilities to other publishers. Not responsible for their role as issuers. But I will try to calm down.

    However, I still want to know if Gameforge really thinks that today's career is balanced?