Patch - Chapter VII - Vortis and Snowflake Festival

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    New content

    • New zone has been opened: Vortis.
    • New main quest line, side quests and daily quests have been added.
    • New instance Tomb of Souls has been added. Instance will offer 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard modes.
    • New titles have been added.
    • New crafting recipes have been added.
    • New items for Ancient Mementos, Phirius Shells, Energy of Justice, Proof of Myth, Honour, Dreamland Pioneer Sigils merchant NPCs have been added.
    • New Item Set skills have been added for level 100. The extraction cost is 70.000.000.
    Heroic Spirit Guard
    Soul Warrior
    Soul Raider
    Rune Master
    Divine Shield
    Iron Focus
    Golden Cicada Skin
    Soul Crusher
    Lava Effect *
    Runic Charge

    Known issue:

    • Description of Druid's Item-Set Skill "Lava Effect" is missing and it's been reported. The skill effect is "Makes your target no longer be afraid, removing any fear effects on it."

    Snowflake Festival Overview

    Zachariel was a Great Mage of the Eye of Wisdom from the time 400 years ago when the Eye of Wisdom was still residing on the Kolydian continent. He was well known because of his benevolent deeds. In the midst of a harsh winter he would provide the needy with supplies.

    Once the people of the Eye of Wisdom had come to Candara, they decided to keep this habit in order to foster a peaceful relationship with the local people. When the season of heavy snow had come they would, just as Zachariel had done, wear a red robe and provide the local people with supplies. This gesture helped many endure the long winters and also built trust between the people and the Eye of Wisdom. Soon we were doing this every winter and it became a custom and was named the Snowflake Festival.

    After the Phirius Workshops had been set up, they meant to take advantage of this custom and decided to make some modifications to the red robe and thereafter let their people wear these robes while delivering presents to little children. Their actions won many praises from the people and also allowed them to make more money.

    The Phirius Workshops taking a fancy to this custom would make the Snowflake Festival an even bigger event in the years to come. Each year more and more people took part in these activities creating this wonderful and exciting atmosphere that we can experience during the winter season nowadays.

    Collecting Christmas Presents

    • Location: Open world
    • NPC: None

    New Year's Eve event

    • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • NPC: Jingle Brother - Mark


    Collecting Gifts

    • Location: Under the Snowflake Tree in Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Harf Trading Post, Obsidian Stronghold and Dalanis
    • NPC: None

    Goblin Bank Robbery

    • Location: Bank of Varanas
    • NPC: Goblin Robbers

    Jingle Brothers Stuck in Chimneys

    • Location: Logar, Varanas Central Plaza, Silverfall
    • NPC: Donichuka

    Save the Snowflake Gifts

    • Location: Varanas Gates
    • NPC: Andrew Dell

    Adopting a Deer

    • Location: South of Dalanis
    • NPC: Pak Dicca

    Snowflake Tree Decoration

    • Location: South of Dalanis
    • NPC: Koli Max

    Gift from the Snow

    • Location: Ystra Highlands
    • NPC: Mira


    • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • NPC: Snowland Explorer Transporter

    Great Snowball Fight

    • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
    • NPC: Paige Gingerbread
    • Event description: Talk to the Paige Gingerbread to be teleported to the event zone where you will have to defeat new enemies! Your end score is determined by the combined amount of how many times players hit the enemies and how many times players were hit by the enemy monsters.
    • Entry times: 00:00-01:00, 04:00-05:00; 08:00-09:00; 12:00-13:00; 16:00-17:00; 20:00-21:00


  • Known issue list:

    • [Instance] Respawn point for outside of Tomb of Souls instance is teleporting players beneath the ground.
    • [Item] Proof of Myth Cloth Heal chest is missing its texture (Player become partially invisible).
    • [Item] Proof of Myth items have wrong item icons.
    • [NPC] Phirius Shell Cloth vendor sells plate armor.
    • [Quest] Quest "Body Collector" can not be solved because the needed item can only be looted once (and 4 is required).
    • [Loca][Items] Strength/Patk and Stamina/Patk stats both have the same name "Safeguard of the Souls".
    • [Loca][Items] Some of the Item Sets from new instance are missing translation.
    • [Loca] Names of Tomb of Souls (hard and easy modes) are missing translation.
    • [Loca] Black Codex spell is missing translation for the Tomb of Souls.
    • [Loca] Several Quest Objectives are missing translation.