Conversation with Runewaker's customer service

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    This is my 6th or 7th request for RW to maintain a mage class balanceX(.

    Chinese in the picture means:

    Me: Is there any new news about the request for the last time to increase the reinforcement of the magician props?

    RW: There will be no changes for the time being, because there is a way for the agents of all countries to agree to change.

    ME: Can you inform the agents of all countries?

    RW: All agents have no intention (for balance career)

    I am not sure if RW really asked all the agents, or the agent did not receive the RW inquiry at all.

    Please continue to give back to the magician's balance problem to the agent.

    Only everyplayer can give the pressure on the agents to let them react to the professional balance of RW, otherwise we can only maintain the current imbalance.

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  • By agents i guess they are referring to publishers. How many publisher ROM got?

    Only two, right?

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  • Yes, publisher. Sorry, my English vocabulary is not precise

    RW said that because there are more players in the international version, only the international version of the publisher agrees that they can modify

    But I am not sure if RW really has to communicate with international publishers.

    So only ask the international version of the players to ask the publishers to balance the magician, we can know whether RW really needs an international version of the publisher to make corrections

  • I hope to get confirmation from Gameforge that it is true that Gameforge has told RuneWaker that there is no need to modify the balance of the mage. Otherwise, RuneWaker is lying.

  • Therefore at least our CoMas should answer (nobody else probably know something about this) or maybe Phelan .

    But our CoMas would be better called Maintenance Announcers - so MaAns - they won´t even read this thread. And in the end they don´t know because this would be "job of the omnious product team" which nobody has ever seen and where they are no part in..

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