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  • Hello everyone, first of all, I am sorry that I am not proficient in English.

    I am a Chinese player. I have already asked Regularow about the career balance of this month.

    The customer service department stated that if the agent has a large amount of the same feedback, the company will make corrections. (Like the previous changes to the scouts)

    Therefore, I would like to ask everyone to report the following points to your agent.

    The first is the balance problem, especially the part of the magician's skill damage.

    Next is the ability of the priest to heal and damage, especially the ice fog.

    I hope everyone will try to return to these two projects first, and let your agent give back to Regularpay. If there are enough international versions of player pressure, Rulewaker will have to respond.

    Let us unite, thank you



    客戶服務部門表示,如果代理商有大量相同的反饋意見,公司將進行更正。(Like previous modifications to scouts)






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  • Hi TW-Player

    I also see the balance problem. Unfortunately you did not explain what you think about the magician. I believe the magician is too weak and he should get stronger. Many players stopped playing the magician. Do you think the same?

    Furthermore, you did not explain what is wrong with the priest. What is the problem here? And what is wrong with the ice fog?

    I believe it would be good if the typical healer could do more damage. If a priest plays alone and is doing quests, then killing the enemies is a really difficult. I think it would be nice if "Wisdom" would also give more damage.

    Automated Google-Translation to Chinese (traditional):



    我也看到了平衡問題。 不幸的是,你沒有解釋你對魔術師的看法。 我相信魔術師太弱了,他應該變強。 很多玩家都不再玩魔術師了。 你覺得一樣嗎?

    此外,你沒有解釋牧師的問題。 這裡有什麼問題? 冰霧有什麼問題?

    我相信如果典型的治療師可以造成更多傷害會很好。 如果一個牧師獨自玩耍並且正在進行任務,那麼殺死敵人真的很難。 我認為如果“智慧”也會給予更多傷害會更好。

  • First, the magician lacks enough explosive skills.Like Rogue's Wound Attack

    And it takes a long time to cast, which makes the magician DPS significantly lower.

    I think I should give the magician a faster cast time and a very powerful burst skill.

    The most straightforward way is to reduce the cast time of the flame, become 1.5 seconds (or lower), and increase the damage of the flame by 50%(atleast50%,Although I think that increasing to 80% or 100% will have the chance to become a top DPS.)

    Or maybe can try be designed like a combination of Plasma Arrow&Electric Explosion, but with more powerful flame skills

    Maybe it can be designed to use a Fireball to temporarily increase 100% Fire damage and all cast time to 1 second (or lower)

    Or use Phoenix to increase the power of Flame by 75% within 20 seconds.

    And the magician lacks useful Item Set Skills, and should modify those useless Item Set Skills, such as turning "Recover Magic" into increasing magic strength.

    The priest is a group therapy that lacks cross-team, like Druid's Mother Earth's Fountain.

    Ice Fog requires cast time and no additional damage. Maybe you should let Ice Fog come with extra effects (giving extra damage or lowering your target defense)

    Of course, this is just hope, unless we give Runewaker pressure together and force them to face it. Otherwise everything is empty talk.

    So I need everyone in the international version to give Runewaker pressure through your operators.

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  • Sorry, but in burst, Flame cast time is 0.5 sec. Reducing the base cast time of Flame will not change that. It will increase Mage damage a little outside of burst in a boss fight but that is not important for most boss fights and completely unimportant outside of a boss fight.

    The usual problem with any rebalancing that Runewaker has done in the past is that it either makes a class completely OTT or completely useless.

  • reducing casttime screws up the damage completely due to a stupid calculation (of magic skills).

    SkillDamage + MagicalDamage*(0,6+SkillLv/100)*BaseCastTime

    => As you can see: Skill Damage doesn't matter... only important stuff is cast time since you can lower that one....

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  • If you improve the weapon damage, it will increase the total damage - nearly the same mag and phys damage on staffs is like weird

    for the priest it may help with a buff that turns parts of wisd to int (like the p/w basebuff), the the normal formula will do the rest

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  • If you improve the weapon damage, it will increase the total damage - nearly the same mag and phys damage on staffs is like weird

    Actually if you check the increase on Pdd Weapons and Mdd Weapons the Main-Damage attribute scales quite good.

    The physical damage of staffs if way off... Problem of Magical skills is the underlying calculation. It's just weird that skilldamage doesn't influence the final damage (it does yes but not as much as it probably should).

    => With the current formula: The longer the basic cast duration the better the skill.

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  • The problem with mages is that most of them just don't have any sort of burst, at least not comparable to physical dps. Also their sustained damage is pretty bad (W/M is not a mage).

    Imo, it is kind of dumb how mages never have to worry about their mana. You can spam spells for 5 minutes before you even get close to running out, unless you use the dreamland amulet Thought Squeezing seal, which is kinda useless for M/W (matt should not be an issue) - useful for M/WD but I don't see any of those at all. Would like to see a skill like blood arrow that drains mana per second in exchange for increased fire damage or increased mdmg. Or perhaps make elemental weakness spell increase fire damage taken by the target.

    Having said that, I don't think it needs to be that much of an increase tbh. M/W and M/Wd can do very good damage at endgame, as long as the party setup is good and the boss isn't dead on AD (the real reason why everyone thinks mages are terrible is because this is the case at endgame). Run with a wl/m who stacks 4x fire debuffs before AD and a good staff, and you will see that M/W can easily do 20-30% more dmg in burn than a w/m. (just practically, it takes a lot more effort to make a new weapon and new set of gear for wisdom and bravery. Is it worth it? idk).

  • I agree that the biggest problem for the magician is the lack of outbreaks and the continued strength.

    But it is impossible for every mage to have the same skills as the Earth Core Barrier of M/Wd, which will lose its uniqueness.

    My original idea was to reduce the cast time and maintain the power of the original flame.

    Or let the less-used skills like Meteor Shower and Electric Bolt and Phoenix have extra effects (such as giving a similar Soul Brand effect, or a combination like Shadowstab+Wound Attack,For example, during the Electric Bolt duration, the flame can cause additional wind attribute damage to the target , and let the damage of the flames increase . let the flame in the specific BUFF, can hit 10 times or higher damage)

    If there is a Buff situation, it can make the Master's damage to one flame equal to 5 seconds of physical DPS damage. Maybe can use the extremely high damage to make up the DPS defect caused by the cast time.

    Or give the magician a potion that can significantly reduce the cast time (and to maintain a long time), reducing the original flame time to 1 second or less.

    Reduces spellcasting time and increases the final damage without affecting the original Fire damage, like Elemental Catalysis (but this is an additional potion and longer lasting)

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  • 1 simple change could be to update Intensification. Change it from what it is now to a skill that sets the magic dmg based on the original weapon speed for the duration of the skill.

    So even if you use items to reduce your cast time, during Intensification, you'd still do max-weapon speed magic dmg.

  • there is GCD you cant hit faster ..during burn all class hit max 0,5 s only few skill out GCD

    also class mage never bosted back till is made SW more unbalanced than atm it is..!

  • But Electric Bolt does not have a GCD. So maybe you can ask Runewaker to modify the skill so that during the duration of the Electric Bolt, the flame can give additional wind attribute damage and further strengthen the Fire damage , just like Shadowstab+Wound Attack

    If one flame can be equivalent to a physical DPS attack for 4 or 5 seconds of damage, the magician does not have to worry about the cast time, because we can make up for this shortcoming with enough damage.

    But this change cannot be set to Mage Elite Skills, otherwise only certain combinations will benefit

  • Instant skills trigger a GCD, spells with casting time don't.

    Forget about decreasing base casting times, with burst phase buffs, Flame casting time is 0.5 sec, the minimum possible for any skill.

    With the damage calculation as it is, increasing the casting time of Flame would work as, in burst, wit hall the speed buffs and pots, even with a base of 5sec, it would still cast at 0.5sec

  • That's right, so I hope that Runewaker can give the wizard a long-lasting potion, allowing the wizard to reduce the spell of the flame to 1 second when not exploding.

    The other is let during the duration of the Electric Bolt, the flame can give additional wind attribute damage and further strengthen the Fire damage , just like Shadowstab+Wound Attack.

    Increases every damage done by the magician (for example, a 50% increase in the final damage) to compensate for the need to cast spells.

    If you agree to such a change (giving a potion that reduces the cast time & increases the spell's final damage by 50% or more each time), I hope that you can respond to your agent and give them pressure on the Regularaker. As I said at the beginning, Runewaker customer service said that unless the international version has enough requirements and consensus on correcting the magician, the Rulestarter is not willing to modify the balance of the magician.

    Please let us work together to make the balance better.

  • All the changes you are suggesting would completely unbalance an already unbalanced PvP scenario.

    To get more damage for all mage classes, the only effective way is to increase the multiplier constant in the magical damage calculation. The last time I remember an official comment on this, it was increased from 1 to 1.6. Maybe try 1.8 or so.

  • Let's speak of forgotten combos ? Like Priest-Warrior ? It would be quite a fun one but just mementos gear only....it' would be great a skill like that of druid -warrior that allows to wear chain armor in example....there are a lot of combos to be fixed and balancing an unbalanced game is always a good thing

  • Can be prescribed to reduce the cast of the potion can not be used in the PVP map

    As I suggested before,not directly raising the damage, but increasing the damage because of the combo

    It's just like I said let increase the damage of the magician combo, so that the electric Bolt's damage time, the flame can give additional wind attribute damage, and further increase the fire damage, or the effect of Plasma Arrow, from increasing the critical strike change to increasing the final magic damage.

    Such a magician will not kill PVP opponents in an instant, but in PVE can have strong and stable burst damage.

    Pastor + Warrior, I think maybe can make this combination to an effective assistant

    Fire Fairy improves the accuracy of physical attacks, replacing them with increased 6% Strength. And Fighting Spirit Combination can reduce physical and magic defenses

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  • p/w really only lacks critical physical hit rate.

    Adjust fire fairy to provide accuracy for everyone and add 0.2 x wisdom to the priest's crit rate.

    The other thing is that fighting spirit combination elite heal should have been an aoe heal like s/p vampire arrows heal.

  • Mage

    - PvE burst damage. The most obvious step is fixing Intensification would be nice, right now it simply adds 4600 damage at lvl 100, ridiculous. Increasing magical damage by this number would make sense.

    - PvP. Mage is paper. Cannot think of any balanced solution which will make mage both viable in PvP and not overpowered in PvE

    Another interesting direction is increasing sustained damage. Might be a good option if the bosses in the next instance are not supposed to be killed in 5 seconds. Few ideas to start with

    Don't cap Knowledge of the Fire at 50, make it 100 like the warlock's skill.

    Change Curse runes to give higher casting speed increase.


    Don't make it a bad copy of a druid. Instead, make it a better buffer and debuffer.

    For example, priest can have better physical attack buff compared to druids or Grace of Life can stack with Touch of the Unicorn.

    Also priests have ridiculously useless item-set skills for mana stone. Turn some of them into physical damage version of Raksha Temple/Kulech Bone Nest skills.

    Lack of mass healing can be also compensated with better regeneration skills.

  • Mage's PVP change, maybe try Electrostatic Charge boost to 70% or 100% , and every point Wisdom gives 0.3PDEF, and both Knowledge add extra physical defense.

    But I don't think that only improving the reinforcement can make up for the magician's DPS. At least 50% or more of the final damage must be added to compensate for the non-interest of the cast time.

    Change Curse runes is good idea , maybe can Increase to 30% .But it may make Scout's Snipe more powerful.

    Change Knowledge , let it for 63% → 100%(or more) It would be very beneficial for the combination of M/Wd, but even so, the continued strength may still be insufficient.

    Unless in the absence of a buff such as the Earth Core Barrier, the magician can still be as close as the physical DPS. Otherwise the magician’s continued strength will still be a problem.

    Combined with cast time and damage problems, maybe improving Elemental Catalysis is the best way. Increase the Buff to 60 seconds, and increase the final damage to 70%, cast time reduced by 99%, maybe solve all problems at once

    The only downside is that the Master still only uses the flame constantly, and the wind attribute skills still lack the incentive to use.

    But I still have to say that no matter how you want to balance the mage, you must give back to international version of agents and let the agents give back and pressure on Runewaker. Unless there are enough requirements from international players to balance the Mage, the Rulewaker will not act.

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