Lets talk about Luck, drop rates , and CARDS CARDS CARDS !!

  • Anyone in my guild will tell you I am a bit of a card hound. I even use alts to farm cards when my pets are down. I'm hoping to maximize my chances at drops by figuring out what the optimal setup would be. I used to think "The more the merrier" but if i go full out on luck in Mirror worlds i actually get less drops than if i maintain around 300 luck. I would love any thoughts from my fellow card farmers on what tactics they use that seem most effective in regards to luck and drop rates.

    Here is a list of the Luck/Drop Rate modifiers I have access to

    Luck modifiers

    Loot Rune VI 72%

    Wings +18 OD 49%

    Maid potions

    Lucky Target Potion 75%

    Daily pet - buddy resonance 20%

    Newborn zodiac pet - 20%

    Adult zodiac pet -50%

    Legendary zodiac pet 75%


    Lucky escort lvl 5 5%

    Guild tower buff "Level 6" 30%

    Potent luck potion 100%

    Potion of luck 30%


    Survivor of Malantina's game 10%

    Contender of Malatina's game 15%

    King of Moles 20%

    I am Legend 25%

    Saumess 100 Mage 100 Knight 100 Warrior

  • I confirm what Grimthar wrote, I have all possible to farm a card where 90% of them I gained by myself. There is no drop limit.

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  • Would like to add you can combine different pets not just buddy resonance there is

    Kindred spirit 20%

    Spiritual half 20%

    Frogs blessing 20%

    Boca 20%

    A frogs luck 10%

    Also the secret zodiac gives more than normal one luck 20% 75% 100%

    Some events gives luckbuff too last event was the "barrel race" giving 40%

    next one will be during christmas from decorating the christmas tree at plaza forgotten how much that is but can be repeated all day by decorating the tree again

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