Special NPCs Tina and Sophia

  • Hello I was wondering why these NPC's were removed today since y'all gave no explanation why they were removed seeing how most of us used them? Would be nice to see them put back in game possibly?

  • In the original post the NPC's were originally stated to be up until next planned maintenance. I guess gameforge planned to do maintenance this week but due to something else they had to cancel it, resulting in having to remove npcs. Given gameforge high fail rate on stuff I would've thought would be easier to just state from start npcs are just up for a week, but guess it's too logical.







  • I assumed the NPCs were here to make it poss to do double trades for the 2 weeks the event would run before the autumn banquet event that should be on now. But maybe the event will now run till the snowflake festival so we don't need the extra trades and repeats...

  • I understand that y'all removed them, but the question is why? What was the point of even adding them just to remove them? Y'all don't give the community no explanation on why they were removed. Like was it causing bugs or what? Some info on to why they were removed instead of just announcing they were being removed on thursday is not a logical explanation. I would like to know why they were removed since I just found out about those NPC's yesterday.

  • I would like to know why they were removed since I just found out about those NPC's yesterday.

    They were unfortunately planned to stay for 1 week and since we did not have maintenance this week (which would make them disapeared automatically), we despwn them as planned (therefore the info in "No maintenance" info about them).


  • I guess I'm different from you guys & expect GF to remove benefits ASAP. :) I even told my guildies last night to make sure they got the free stuff because it would be yanked this morning.

    & ty to the GF team for providing us with free stuff for as long as we had it. :)

  • Yes, thank you. I don't really need that either but the announcement said first until the next maintenance and Gildies ask now because it wasn't maintenance.

  • Generally, GF does maintenances Tuesdays or Thursdays so based on when that announcement came out, I predicted it would be this morning whether there was a maintenance or not.

    Just be aware that GF upper management doesn't give 2 figs about what sounds fair to players & we need to be thankful of whatever grains they toss at us :)

    tldr: don't get your hopes up and expect GF to care about this thread and be thankful for the free things we've been given.

  • I think a lot of us liked those NPC's. Just by GF's response on this post to my question, I've done came to conclusion they'd rather beat around the bush then to say why they removed the NPC's. I just know a lack of communication like that, will eventually kill off this game completely. I've seen it happen to others and it'll happen to this one also even though I love this game. I just wish they'd give us a better explanation on why they do certain stuff like this instead of having us beat our heads trying to figure out what was the reason GF has done so and so but I guess we shall never know! I just won't bother asking another question again on the forums since this basically tells me they don't care about what we think only what they want which is fine by me because sometime in january, I'm not gonna be playing RoM as much as I do now since I will be going back to the game I originally came from probably.

  • I dont understand the fuss about theese npc.

    They were planned to stay 1 week.

    They were ment to be a gift to players and to let people know about this festival rewards.

    If you want more certificates just farm them the regular way, enjoy festivals minigames like the past 9 years.

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