Morrock Wallinder Quest/Technical issue with camouflaged costume

  • Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: Class Mage/Scout 66/50, Morrock Wallinder's Quest Line Magical Reconstruction, Quest: Infiltrate the Circus

    Description: I have already submitted the ticket, but there is no answer from GF support. I need to wear the costume of armed guard in order to get to the circus portal in place called wagon (wagon is only place where you can take the costume on, there is no option to wear it on the way to circus), but as soon as I wear it, it lasts only few seconds and gets off of me. I cannot make it to the circus portal. It keeps getting off. I wear no buffs, I am not under any spell. I wore Golden Talent Charm amulet which was 50% full and thought this is causing the issue, but no.

    I threw it away and lost it together with 1 500 diamonds I paid for it. Nothing. It still keeps getting off of me. I re-logged, I abandoned quest and made it again several times, I threw away this armed guard costume and picked it again, nothing. It's been 5 days and I am stuck on this line and can't move ahead. I read Haidon's buff might have caused the issue, but I have none. I did have in the past, but not now. I haven't found any more info about it. I am playing via steam and there is no answer on their forum either. Hope someone can help me here. Thank you in advance.

    Server: ZIKIEL Germany


  • Try visiting any PvP area and complete one round. In case you have a hidden counter buff that refreshes constantly and thus kicks off transformations like the costume, that one should get reset after a round of PvP.

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  • Thank you very much. Is there any other way how to remove hidden buffs or is this an only option? I think it will be probably really Haidon's buff which I randomly obtain without active requesting. So this may solve the issue.

  • Thank you very much. It seems issue solved itself alone, as soon as I have received Haidon's buff today suddenly the costume started to work, not sure whether someone from support did something, but I don't have to do PVP. Thanks again, at least now I know for the future.

  • There are 3 "Types" of Haidon Buffs:

    1) Invisible

    2) Attribute

    3) XP/TP/Drop

    You get 1 and 2 every time you donate gold/materials and 3 when the server achieves a specific threshold (33%/66%/100% Gold).

    Buff 1 checks every ?2? seconds if the server is at a specific threshold. if yes: the buff is removed and you get Buff 3. if no: nothing happens*.

    Problem: "nothing happens" doesn't work... -> Funny Bug which messes up lots of things.

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