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    Juice Festival

    During the bustling moonlight grapefruit season, the aroma of freshly pasteurized juice fills the streets and hard-working men and women gather together to share a cold mug of juice and talk about the past year. Great juice makers' doors stand open day and night for crowds of happy revelers.

    The juice celebration gets bigger and bigger every year. The Phirius Workshops have picked up on the popularity and profitability of these gatherings, and are now coordinating these folk activities and promoting them in different places. This year, Juice Festival activities are being held in every town and city and merriment fills the air, alongside the aroma of freshly made juice.

    Festival Overview

    Ninety-Second Open Bar

    • Location: Tergothen Bay
    • NPC: Lejan Doblin

    Juice Promoter

    • Location: Tergothen Bay
    • NPC: “Juice Barrel” Hank

    New Product Tasting

    • Location: Tergothen Bay
    • NPC: “Iron Cup” Kenden

    Don’t be so serious

    • Location: Tergothen Bay
    • NPC: Lindemannen

    Juice Delivery

    • Location: Tergothen Bay
    • NPC: Pechores

    Catch the Kobolds

    • Location: Varanas Gates
    • NPC: Lobt Kayen


    Crazy Bartender

    • Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
    • NPC: Shela Berit

    The Job of Creating Happiness

    • Location: Varanas – Lower City West East
    • NPC: Aytin Lor

    Server for a Day

    • Location: Howling Mountains
    • NPC: Ryan Saisheeth


    • Location: Varanas - Central Plaza
    • NPC: Shobot Glan

    Juice Olympics

    • Location: Howling Mountains
    • NPC: Julia Glun


    • Location: Varanas - Central Plaza
    • NPC: Katharine Fulei

    Juice Courier

    • Location: Varanas Gates
    • NPC: Meryl Blake

    Juice Tasting

    • Location: Thunderhoof Hills
    • NPC: Bill Blake
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