class combination meta 2018

  • After being away from Runes of Magic for a while, i'd like to know, which class combinations are on the "top tier" by now (2018).

    I'd like to know:

    (1) What are the actual meta class-combinations by now?

    (2) Which class-combination are the most wanted/searched for by high-end guilds on Vidar (vanilla) and Idun (steam)?

    (3) Which class (-combinations) require the least amount of budget? (but still efficient)

    Would be glad for some in-depth explanatory answers:)

  • 1. meta

    Scout/x, Rogue/Mage, Champ/Rogue, Knight/Warrior, Druid/Rogue, Warrior/Warden, Warrior/Scout, Warden/Warrior, Warden/Scout, Mage/Warlock, Warlock/Mage, Mage/Warrior

    2. Most Wanted

    Tank (Knight/Warrior), Heal (Druid/Rogue), Support (Warlock/Mage)

    3. low budget

    Heal (only one needing his stats - cheap, even soloheal with lvl 80 equip)

    Warlock/Mage (doesn´t reallly need damage - therefore some crafting equip with enough HP and hit)

  • Wl/M needs crit, which makes Shell gear a viable option.

    not true a wl/m can run without crit gear, however you are thinking of m/wl which does

    classes on vidar that run at-least in guild i am, are

    s/r/wd rare for s/w to be seen, r/m, w/m, m/wl, k/w, ch/p, d/r/w/wd, p/r/s/k wd/s, wl/m

    cheapest to gear would be wl/m m/wl or any healer combo as can be done with bag stats basically

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