Any news about a new zone/new instance?

  • but hey! how about that new server tho? that was priority! ;(;(

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  • If you can not update immediately, you should submit a schedule of how long you can update. No one wants to pay money for games you do not know whether it will be updated in the future.

  • New zone and instance, but runewaker couldn't even be bothered to increase level by even 1 this time? Wow, what a useless developer. The fact gameforge even tolerate this as publisher is a joke. What a waste of 14months.

    CM Post here for the announcement.


    Yes the zone will be open and the content accessible (new instance, quests etc). There is no new level cap with this update (spoiler). I will post the release notes tomorrow with more information about the content:)

  • Why would it be new lvl cap. You can check private server patches and there is same.

    So no big surprise that lvl is not up.

    But i hope we will get some fun with new map.

  • Private servers have the control to manually set the level of a server, is not hard to modify it. Meaning that any update a private server makes is not the same as runewaker(also no private server currently has this patch updated to their server). Most likely runewaker were way too lazy to increase skill levels on all skills, which are currently capped to 100. You'd think they'd have time to do this after 14 months :P Regardless, content is content, hopefully will bring some people back to game for at least a bit before boredom strikes again

  • Please, I hope we do not need to remind ourselves that the discussions on so called "private" (they are illegal, please mind) servers are not allowed on our forum? ;)


    As mentioned above, with this patch we do not have level cap increase and we stay at 100.


  • I know WoW stayed at 100 for a long time and just released content expansions but RoM doesn't really compare, so not sure why they have made this decision. Even with a harder ini, its unlikely current end-gamers will need the new gear so not much revenue generation there.

    Does a lack of a level cap increase mean no higher stats? No new proof/mem/shell/crafting/etc items?

  • Does a lack of a level cap increase mean no higher stats? No new proof/mem/shell/crafting/etc items?

    We will find out Tomorrow ! I for one am excited :) I am looking forward to new quests, new dailys, & NEW CARDS TO COLLECT !!!!

    Not to mention we get one of my favorite festivals of the year :) "I can finally finish off my darn Zodiacs"

    This is the Christmas present from RoM I was hoping for.

    now lets just hope its not buggy as all get out Lol


  • Over one year and now nothing new.

    Now no level cap, no new crafting, no new ???

    A punch in the face of all non high-end gamers. Who shall return? Just two hours or days to clear the new instace.

    Without having seen this .... FAIL

  • Well..if you go back 7-8 years...there was lots of maps and gear and inis with lvl 50 cap....and there was big difference in gear....we have 100 yewels in bags and if they put 10-20 % better gear in this patch it will be ok...until they figure something new...

  • I totally undestand other players disappoint, but from my point of view I can see an opportunity, means I have more time to get cap with my seconday classes since i still have some class at lv 93-95.

    One thing I wanna ask: will be new crafting recipes or upgrades? or will be stopped at lv 100?


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