Luxury mounts

  • Google translate because gm do not respond in our community :

    Hello, I had the honor to be able to make luxury games of this game. However, I must admit that I am disappointed with their design.

    The Dragon Mount of Scarlet Fire, is indeed a mount 3 options. She can walk on the water, she is 2 places, and can jump obstacles. However, it is important to choose his masters, he lacks an option, which is that of roaring. So a mount with 3499 diamonds that can not roar, it's still serious. In short, it is an aesthetic aspect, but already seen the price of this priceless luxury frame, which is necessary to correct this kind of intolerable bug.

    Now let's talk about the second luxury mount. Which is none other than the luxurious mount Flâneur mauve clouds.

    It has the functions of a mount of his son, until then no worries, however, when the birth of a series of this mount, there is always a very serious accident, it is totally off-axis . This has hidden us well by adjusting the view of the image on the presentation of the mount. Here is the proof in image:

    (PS: It's not a counterfeit, it's a luxury mount)


    In short The two frames were made fast, we can see clearly that it is the case. This is inadmissible considering the prices of packages.

    To summarize:

    Scarlet Fire Dragon Mount -> Add a roar when summoning + the roar function on the jump key.

    Purple Sweeper Mount -> Adjust and re-center the character's rotation center.

    By the way,


    Have a nice day. :)


  • Dragon mount in general is just pretty lackluster given the price. No animation when it runs across water despite having wings, just looks like Jesus sprinting over water. It should also flap wings when going over water imo.