Priest changes to ice fog skills

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  • something that really makes no sense is the 3 wasted skill slots used by ice fog. In a game about wasting tp on skills, making 1 skill 3 skills with different durations is kinda silly.

    What would be nice is to update ice fog and prayer to help p/x out a little.

    Skill: ice fog

    Cost: 3% + x mana

    Cast time: 1 second

    Cooldown: 30 seconds

    Effect: 80 range aoe buff surrounding the priest that has a chance to cause slow ( movement and weapons ) and blind effects every 2 seconds. During this time, player movement speed is reduced by 30%, but all attacks carry a water effect.

    Duration: 5 seconds plus 0.3 seconds per level. Max at level 50.

    Prayer change: when ice fog is activated, magical and physical water damage are additionally increased by 5% + 0.3% per level up to 20% at level 50.

  • I agree that using the skills for that is kinda "wasting space" but since skill slots are not limited it isn't really a problem.

    Regarding your improvement:

    That is a far to complex (overloaded) spell! It should have 1 or 2, maybe 3 effects but not that much. Also I don't really see how the new skill is related to the old one.

    Now you have

    • AOE Movement slow with chance (RNG sucks anyway)
    • AOE Weapon slow (reducing damage)
    • AOE blind
    • player movement speed
    • player water effect
    • water damage increase

    That's far too much for one skill.

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  • The old skill was a 3 part skill that provided a slow field & the duration changed based on which version you cast.

    The new one allows for growth & support for 1 of the priest's main failings.. damage. Also, the player movement restriction is for the priest with the buff.. no one else. :)

    Almost every class has had some kind of adjustment to improve them. Also most classes have some way to briefly increase their damage, priests don't.

    In this game, a priest, to be "useful" has to stack heal bonuses and that makes it tougher for them to quest. In the old days when there were plenty of players and people partied up to quest, it wasn't a big deal; but now, it's pretty much solo questing.

    I'm trying to give priests a reason to actively play their classes and enjoy it.