AMA with Phelan - VP of Customer Communication

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    Dear Rommunity -

    We will run a question and answer thread with Gameforge's VP of Customer Communication - Phelan! First we will spend a period of time with an open thread for gathering questions from players, then the thread will close. Don't be shy! The moderation team will then sort, remove duplicates, and do a general cleanup. Then Phelan will reply.


    there's always rules, right?

    1. Usual forums rules apply - no flaming, no image-only posts, no one-word posts, etc.
      • Our behavior in this thread will certainly influence whether this Q&A is a recurring event or not.
      • Irritation at Gameforge is allowed (as always). Civility is strongly encouraged.
    2. One question per user please.
      • We expect a flood of interest, and we hope this will help mitigate it.
    3. Please carefully examine previous questions and avoid posting duplicates.
      • These forums have a 'like' function - use that if you want to express support for a particular question.
    4. As English is the language of business at Gameforge, please use English here.
      • But wait, Heron! My English is terrible and I still have questions!
      • OK, then post first your question in your own words. Add a line break and then paste a translation of your question as given by Google. This will help support rule 3.
      • Teamlers who speak assorted languages fluently might add their own help in such a case.
    5. Please avoid usage of idioms, cliches, acronyms, and other text usage that might be tricky to decode for participants who speak multiple languages.
      • For example, if you're asking about the most recently released instance, please spell it out: Sun Temple of Sleep, not ST or SThm or etc.

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  • My question is: The game is quite old (9 years old) and since the beginning everyone have problems with game crashes. On some zones crashes occur much more often than on others, but no matter what players will do the crashes always occur. Are there any plans on fixing it or you will just leave it as it is. (Probably you will leave the problem alone, but I would like to know the answer.)

  • Can you tell us things about the planned content?

    e.g. Levelcaps, Worldbosses, new/planned Features, Balancing,...

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  • Do you plan to merge the smallest servers - Nawia, Nuada, Ibergard into one server, which will be new EU server? These servers are in the worst condition.

  • When will there be a code of conduct between the different coms? Seemingly the players from differeng coms are treated differently by the responsible gamestaff.

    Can you give us an update if something is in the works, or if it already exists: can you give us an insight on the contents? And how do you control that the staff works against it? (Which in the generell opinion isn't the case at all)

  • To get an appropiate answer you should do the following thing first: Take an item of your equipement and increase the plus-level with the upgrading stones of the itemshop. Bring your item to let's say 25. Finally put 4 rune slots on it. Count all the diamonds you spent and realize how much real money you gave to the gameforge. Think about doing this for 15 items and now the question: Do you think this is adequate?

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  • Could you respect your loyal customers with a more relevant (detailed and varied) management of the store's offers ?

    Example : Permanent backpack tickets have not been offered, to the unit, for years. The current package, at a prohibitive price, is unfair to the customer who has already acquired several tickets and only search a ticket...

    Another example : you offer month after month the same four titles in store, this weekend again, and have totally forgotten the old ones which have not been seen for years...


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  • How is it that the announcements are always so little respected?

    Why does it take so long to release a new release / zone, is the development really that bad that the rudimentary fixes take so long?

  • What ist the vision für Rom future? are more Races, classes, higher elite skills on the horizon? Will crafting make a step out of the shadow? Will get staffs a recalculation of mag/phys damage? - old ones had ~ 1 to 4 (lev 60) actual only 10% difference - that make a huge effect! they are magic weapons no simple clubs.

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