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    I am a long time player of Runes of Magic but I have never played a magic dps class. I am currently building a W/M which ofcourse is very simple to play so I was intrigued by the idea of making a K/M tank.

    I know K/M is usually a dps with a similar strategy as W/M i.e. white hits that do magic dps but I am more interested in understanding if K/M can be a viable tank that is magic based. So I am assuming the stating will be similar to a regular Knight but all P. Att. gets replaced with M.Att. and any Str. with Int.

    Looking for more advice on this and wanted to know if someone has played an endgame K/M magic tank already.

    Thanks! :)

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  • Most of the time, ppl will want a k/w for a tank :)

    But having played k/m, I would suggest 2x stam/matk, 2x stam/int & 2x int/matk.

    If you go the tanky route, you'll want a high tiered 1-h hammer + T8 statted shield.

    For the most part, get the sets that add to your mdmg & fill in other pieces with plate.

    I have tanked w/ pure cloth & 2-h magic hammer holding aggro w/ aggro pet, aggro pots, hatred X and pure damage... but your co-horts need to be non- Leroy Jenkins of the world using recons and not hatreds :))

  • Plate is probably the worst way for k/m to play, no offence.

    I would say you should just stat and gear like a mage - 6x Int/matt, and go for instance sets if you can afford them, or if not, then pieces with matt/mcrit. HoE set is a must.

    Then you should get both a 2 H Hammer (for DPSing and for using when Shield of Discipline is active) and a 1H Sword + Shield. The hammer should be from Ancient Dreamland for the highest mdmg you can get. The sword can be a regular instance sword, although you will lose int/matt ghost stats vs using the dreamland one. But not really important.

    If you want to tank, then make an earring and wings statted with 4-6x sta/hp and 0-2x sta/def. While using your sword this is enough to tank any instance in the game, in any difficulty. You will have easily 250k hp and probably upwards of 500k pdef.

    This is how I gear, there are other ways to do it of course. There is a K/M on the polish server who uses mage gear but stats it with int/sta and has int/matt HoE set. That works quite well too but you won't have the same sort of DPS as a pure int/matt k/m. In terms of tanking, it is one of the best tank classes in the game - amazing single target aggro, very strong aoe aggro, and great survivability. Plus good DPS.

  • K/M only witch mage gear, all stated 3x int/matt and 3x int/stam ( i have now mostly 2x int/matt and 4 int/stam and i will change it for 3x3 )

    1h dreamland sword +16 t8/t9 - 6x stam/hp and shield +16/+25 t8/t9 - 6x stam/hp for trash and some boss. ( runes stam/hp )

    2h dreamland hammer +20/25 t13/t14 for boss burst.

    Runes: Tyrant, Sage, Judge, Block

    Pet: fire Parrot

    You can use Transformation potion for int/xxx or for Hp.

    With such stating you can tanking and do 15kk dps on boss burst.


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