I need help to find this addon!

  • Hi everyone, so i just started back to play ROM on a new server... Alot of peoples, it's awesome! I've always played tank or dps, almost never really got into healers but now i'm gonna main a druid, so i installed GridClicIt, as all the healers i knew were using this addon. But i tested it, and, i wish i could do something more... i can see my 2 HoT's on my party ('im druid warden) for now, but since my 2 HoT's have 20 secs timer, i can't distinguish wich one runs out first one someone if both of them are on a same target... as an example, if i casted recover on someone, then 10 sec my other hot, i will see 20s x2 :(. So i watched some druid videos to figure out if someone was doing something better than that, then i found this... he can see his regen on everyone and his timers seperatly, wich is what i want. but is that GridClicIt? if yes, how do i setup it this way or if it's another addon, can you tell me the name? that would help me alot... thx in advance! :)

  • That looks like GridCliqueIt, alternatively there is RaidHeal (and also HealBot I think). You can configure many of these addons extensively (I know there are many options for RaidHeal) so you can try to get the result from your screenshot.

    You could also write a message to the video creator.

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  • Thanks! i contacted the creator of the vid : she modified the Gridclicit to make it that way... But yeah i'm gonna figure out if i can get what i want from one of these addons

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