Druid/Warrior DPS

  • I was looking at the skills for D/Wr and was wondering if anyone has ever tried dps with chain and axe? Any opinions, like or dislike?

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  • d/w can be physical dps & w/ AoTW, you do have a phys dmg buff.. for the entire party lol :)

    There's only 1 flaw in the d/w dps system.. it's a burst dps w/ gaps. Pretty much, you can do really good dmg, until all of your dps skills are on cooldown.

    theoretically, w/ unlimited rage, Slash can go on forever, but what's the likelihood of that?

    When I played phys dps d/w, I used energy restore @ the beginning of the battle, Enraged when it popped & staggered both Strength of Battle pots and Aoth Valiance cape. Still ran out of dps skills.

    If RW could tweak some of the skills or reduce some of the cd's in the skills, then this could be viable. But for now, it's a fun but not really usable combo unless you kill your opponent in the first burst.

  • Thanks for the responses. I really want to give it a go as it sounds good for pve but not instancing? Am I wrong in thinking I want wisdom/patt?

  • Wisdom is always good for heals, but the d/w adds wisdom extra dmg to the end of the equation.. so it's almost negligable. I would probably go with 3x str/patk, 2x stam/patk & 1x wis/patk.

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