Need Help for Champion.

  • Hi all.

    I just started to play in odin server. I chosed for my main champion and secondry rogue. At the past in (2011-2013) i was playing k/w and taking aggro was so easy. Now i have a problem with taking aggro with champion. Single aggro is easy but i have no idea for mass aggro. Champ has no aeo aggro skill like k/w "Whirlyind shield".

    Now i am 60 Lvl i cant turn back to play k/w btw champ is more fun to play i wanna play with it.

    What i must do now anyone can help me ?

  • I'm not a champion so I can't help you, what about you Torkilsd ?

    Btw: You might get more help if you at least use the right forum section (questions, not guides).

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  • Only aoe skill with aggro modifier is shock strike, and its only frontal aoe, with low range :)

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  • A champion doesnt need the aggro amplifier on all skills. You have the aggro buff (rune energy influx) and two hatred runes. (I max out at 300%+ aggro permanently)

    Then you have 3 main aoes: runeoverload, inprisonment pulse and kinetic burn. If you time those right you will make aggro over the dmg.

    If you cant keep the aggro as champ you are doing something wrong....

    Shock strike is quite good to just pull a group of enemys when you are running towards them.

    To be completly honest: i mostly killed all enemys before someone else really had the chance to get aggro. The damage you can do with aoes is second to none.

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