Dessert Contest - Farewell to Summer

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    Even though it felt like the long hot days would never end, in the blink of an eye the wane of summer has begun. Let's celebrate the good memories with a dessert contest! What favorite dessert reminds you of the richness of a summer harvest, or of long evenings chasing fireflies? Show us your fruit pies, your pudding parfait, your ice cream cake, or anything 'summer' that delights your heart.

    Email a photo of a dessert you created yourself to events [at] runesofmagic [dot] com, along with all the following information-





    Preferred grand prize if your submission is a winner, see below.

    Once the submission phase is over, the teamler voting phase begins! We will post a thread of submitted images once all submissions are in.

    Every participant who correctly participates will get Laor Forest Tart x25 and Serenstum x25!

    The top three winners (as chosen by the team) additionally get one craft recipe of their choice!


    1. Only one entry per person is allowed and only the first post received will qualify to be eligible to get the prizes. (We will check for multiple entries and will void any user who violates rule 1.)
    2. The desserts may be of any kind (pie/cake/cookie/etc) and do not need to include Runes of Magic visual elements.
    3. Submissions should include ONE dessert only. (Who could resist voting for a smorgasbord over a single cupcake?) For example a plate of cookies could be considered one entry, as could a single pie or cake, but a tableful of varied edibles cannot be considered one dessert.
    4. Include a short description of your dessert - what is it, and what about this dish reminds you of summer?
    5. Desserts will be judged based on qualities like skill, effort required, visual appeal, and others as needed. High quality images help.
    6. The Prizes will only be delivered to Vidar and Idun.
    7. The Prizes will only be delivered to people that correctly participated.
    8. Craft recipe rewards may be any which have been available in game at some point in the past.
    9. Submission ends Sept 24th at 23:59 SERVER TIME and voting ends Sept 30th at 23:59.
    10. The Runes of Magic team reserves the right to make changes in these terms, prizes or any other detail of this contest, at any given time, due to any unforeseen circumstances.
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    Approved the thread.
  • Well hello there,

    It took us longer than usual to get done with your delicious desserts because we've had all RoM Teamlers voting for your desserts. And the choice was pretty difficult between all those delicous entries.

    Your presents are on their way to your mailbox.

    If you are now looking at an empty mailbox even though you're double sure that you have done everything to recieve a prize, please submit a board ticket.

    And here are our 3 winners for the EN servers:




    You have not chosen your grand prize, please submit a board ticket. :)


    The top three winners (as chosen by the team) additionally get one craft recipe of their choice!


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