Server merge

  • *Originally posted September 2017

    In mid-September it’s all systems go – we’re merging our English, German, American and Polish servers.

    We’re currently getting everything ready for the change – there’s nothing which you need to do. If you have logged in over the past few months, your account will be moved to the new server automatically when the time comes. Full details to follow!


    • Aurora + Agenor


    • Tuath + Muinin
    • Laoch + Riocht
    • Aontacht + Maidin
    • Ionsai + Draiochta + Dochas


    • Cath + Vesna

    FR and ES

    • No change


    • Mithras + Erebos
  • *Originally posted September 2017

    Server merge - FAQ

    General Plans Information

    1) Will the server merge affect the release of new game updates?

    No. The merge is a totally independent project being worked on by Gameforge. In the meantime Runewaker keeps on working on the game itself and update should continue as they are now.

    2) Which servers are you planning to merge and when?

    The current planning to merge certain EU and US servers, which will result in final 1 US server and 8 EU servers as follows:

    • [US] Mithras + Erebos
    • [EN] Aurora + Agenor
    • [DE] Tuath + Muinin
    • [DE] Laoch + Riocht
    • [DE] Aontacht + Maidin
    • [DE] Ionsai + Draiochta + Dochas
    • [PL] Cath + Vesna
    • [ES] Ibergard – NO change here
    • [FR] Nuada – NO change here

    We will communicate dates of the server merges separately, so please keep eyes on our website, social media channels and official boards.

    General Merge Information

    1) What are the criteria for an account to be merged?

    There is no special condition for an account to be considered for the merge. We will merge all accounts.

    2) What will happen with inactive accounts and players who may come back after years of inactivity?

    All currently existing characters will be still available and inactive players can return to them any time.

    3) Do we need to migrate our account or will it be done automatically?

    What we are doing here is a server merge, which means that everything will be done automatically, it is magic!

    4) Will the game be shut down during the merge or will it be done during a regular maintenance?

    The servers merge will be done outside of the regular maintenance, and the servers being merged will have to be brought down for this

    We will start with merging some servers first and will proceed with performing rest of the planned merges soon after.

    5) How long will the servers be offline during the server merge?

    For sure the merge will take longer than a regular maintenance.

    6) Can players decide to which server they want to move?

    Unfortunately, no. Their characters will go to the target server depending on the merge combinations.

    7) Will servers across nations be merged?

    No, as for now we do not have plans to merge together servers of different nations or regions.

    8 )Are only 2 servers being merged into one, or will there be more servers coming together?

    There will be sometimes more servers coming together. As you can see in the plan, there are 3 servers coming together in one.

    9) How many servers will come together and what are the criteria?

    The number of servers coming together will vary from group to group, since the criteria we decided for grouping them is based on the server population.

    10) Is the server economy considered in the merge?

    The criteria with the biggest weight here is the server population. We consider there is no point in having a perfect server economy if you don’t have enough people to play with, so we have decided to value population over other aspects.

    11) Will there be more channels available in the merged servers?

    Not to begin with. If after the merge it seems necessary to add more, it will be reviewed.

    Merge Specifics

    1) What happens with characters with the same name?

    When two characters coming together have the same name, we will consider the level as the first check, the character with the highest level (in any of the classes) will get to keep the name. In case both have the same level, then the play time will decide it, the character which has been played the most will keep it.

    2) What will happen to guilds with the same name?

    For guilds, a similar rule applies. The guild with the highest will keep the name, and when the level is the same then the one in the target server will keep it.

    3) How are house number conflicts going to be addressed?

    The merged house will get a new number assigned and linked to the character. No, you shouldn’t end up with someone else’s house.

    4) If after the merge I have more than 8 characters in the same server, what will happen to them?

    If after the merge you end up with more than 8 characters in the same server, you will still be able to use all of them. The character selection screen will display all, but you won’t be able to create new ones in the server until you are again under the 8 characters limit.

    5) Will the merge affect in any way the characters (items, gold, Exp, Tp, professions, pets, etc.)?

    No, everything connected to the character should be moved along with it.

    6) Will the server merge affect in any way houses or house maids?

    No, as the house and everything in it is connected to the character, everything will be moved together.

    7) What about friends’ lists, blacklists, relationships?

    All should be transferred and kept, although with maybe some different nicknames.

    8 )What will happen to inactive guilds? Will they also be merged?

    Since we are merging all accounts (also currently inactive ones), all guild will be moved as well.

    9) What changes will the merge make to the Auction House? Will this be closed and emptied prior to the merge?

    The auctions will not be merged. Before the process starts, all auctions will be cancelled and the items sent back to the sellers. You will have to put the item in the auction again later.

    10) What about the furniture in the character’s house & guild castle?

    Everything connected to the character and guild will be merged.

    11) What will happen with mail still in the mailbox?

    All mail will still be there after the merge.

    12) Are there any changes planned for the Siege Wars as a result?

    Nothing is going to change regarding the Siege War. The system works the same with more or less servers, so there is no need to adapt it regarding this.

    13) Will there be an option for a free Character Name Change after the merge?

    No. Only those characters mentioned in the [Q1] will get a rename.

    14) What will happen with the Magic Wardrobe?

    You don’t need to worry about your Magic Wardrobe. Players from some servers will be asked to login to "My Account" management page on main website where you will be able to access and send your costumes to characters on new merged servers. If you still had costumes stored there from previous server merges, they will be also kept and available.

  • *Originally posted September 2017


    We would like to inform, that we will soon start the server merges.

    As first we will merge Polish servers (Cath and Vesna) on Thursday September 14th during the special maintenance.

    Please note, that other servers won’t be affected and will stay online.

    In the near future we will share with you the schedule for the following server merges, so please keep eyes on our website, social media channels and board.

  • *Originally posted September 2017


    We would like to inform that we will be merging EU servers on Tuesday 19.09.2017 and US servers on Wednesday 20.09.2017.


    • Aurora + Agenor - new server name will be Vidar.


    • Tuath + Muinin - new server name will be Asteria.
    • Laoch + Riocht - new server name will be Garda.
    • Aontacht + Maidin - new server name will be Baldr.
    • Ionsai + Draiochta + Dochas - new server name will be Rath.


    • Mithras + Erebos - new server name will be Aeterna.

    Players from the servers: Agenor, Muinin, Riocht, Maidin, Draiochta, Dochas and Erebos will be asked to login on the main website to their " My Account" management page to send costumes from the Magic Wardrobe.


    Detailed information about the planned maintenances will be provided in the upcoming days.

  • *Originally posted September 2017

    Please note that post-merge, your secondary password will be set to whatever it currently is on Mithras. If you need a secondary password reset, please log into your account here and reset it either before or after merge. If you have difficulty, contact support here. Keep in mind that our ticket load is likely to be higher than usual.