New server merge ?!

  • Now that steam and new servers are down , could you PLEASE plan to merge french and spanish server with Vidar ??? I hope you didn't forget that these 2 servers have been forgotten at the last servers merge !

  • Hi rasta :) ppl already suggested in this thread as well -->> Servers Merge or Move char option

    but seems no one are interested at the moment.... never seen a community manager answer there.


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  • tbh not sure if those servers would anymore bring the life needed

    they seem very dead also should have merged both in last merge when still players to merge

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  • Now that steam and new servers are down

    Actually you are damn right! Atlast Idun server half down (No Varanas and idk what more)

    And i think New level cap more needed then servermerge At Moment!

    Don't think only "new server" get lot of new ppl right now!
    Also not sure about how healthy will be a new merge!

    Was realy big supporter of merge Aurora and Agenor ... result was poor :(

    Disappointment of "after honeymoon" or lets say: "We are what we are nothing will change us in new server or new guild, result will be soon same coz we did what is now and will do same again"

    No need to explain but i doubt any of Guild 3 of you (3 posts before) belong will get something good :)

    Every Merge will put your guilds on challenge and even you think they are strong and unated ... time shows that things broke from side you never expected :)

    Only benefited from merge atm can be Nocturnus + Chimera merge or alt exchange :)

    For rest of guild will be a few players exchange ... = 2-3 guld will die in next (after merge) 2-3 months!

    You move ot "better guild" dont mean it will be same "better guild " few weeks after :)

    Don't think just few people's interests are good enough reason to make merge :(

    Summer is over soon "your players" will return to game and nothing better to make them stay for long then new lvl cap and working ini!

    For me new merge is something for after new year holydays :)

    p.s. Maybe Vidar + US is better idea at last maybe they need this merge maybe more!

  • I'm not talking about my guild in particular. Nocturnus is still fine in PvE and PvP and don't need this merge to survive at all. It's just something that should be done at last merge , but for no reason , nuada and iberguard stand alone. We already were one the less populated servers before that , and it just getting worse.

    A merge will be a good thing for everyone i think. It would lead to opportunities of "alliance" with EU guilds or doing pick-up ini for example.

  • Damn, some people here seem salty... A merge for these servers is long needed imo. I'd sooner one large server that has life for two years then constant merges every year. Ofc a merge is not the only thing required for this game, but gameforge have shown with the last two mergers they are incapable of running a game that has a happy community. So they may as well let the players have a lively community before the game crashes and burns completely.







  • For most guilds it's already enough if you use buffalts and have decent players/classes. Ofc you can't compete against the top guilds with this numbers, but asides from divinity and venatoris those numbers are fine.







  • We always had inconsistant amount of players in SW because not everyone in our guild like it , but usually we're around 10+ activ players every SW, so yeah it's still fine, if not , we wouldn't be the 4th top activ guild :)

  • A new map is planning thats a good thing but we're still waiting for a server merge (Nuada + Iberguard + Vidar) ! Will it be something done quickly or they just want this both severs (ES / FR) to die completly ? Can someone from the staff give us some update ?

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