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  • To Support our Team we are looking for Game Masters

    Applications are currently: OPEN


    - You must be at least 18 years old

    - You're willing to support your fellow players

    - You can follow orders and also work on your own

    - You bring a decent knowledge of Runes of Magic

    - You can handle criticism

    - You keep a cool head even in critical situations

    - You keep your application a secret

    - Your accounts should be in good standing with support

    If you are interested and the above fits you, email an application to application@runesofmagic.com

    Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer position.

    Your application should contain your InGame account name including your character name(s), your Forum account name, and your IRC-Account name on OnlineGamesNet, if you have one. What other information should you include?

    - Why you think you'd make a good Game Master.

    - What actually motivates you to apply.

    - How you can fulfill our requirements and responsibilities.

    - Your RoM experience, as well as any experience in other communities, including servers you play on (or used to play on).

    - If you've ever been banned and what for (be it board or ingame).

    Some brief information about yourself, your personality... basically anything you find relevant.

    Please write the application as free text.

    If we reach out to you with a positive answer you will receive an invitation to a private chat on IRC with some of the members from the team where we will have a little talk. We'll also explain everything further there.

    What are you waiting for? We want YOU to support the EN community of Runes of Magic.

    We're awaiting your application!

    Your Runes of Magic EN Team


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