Why not allow the trading or selling of Cendril ingrediants or hearts?

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  • I do the mirrors for the required ingredients. I know I will never use some of the Cendril hearts full time and though I keep them I most likely will only use and try to improve on 3-5 of them.

    Why not let us trade them or sell them to people who need specific ones?

    What do you all think?


  • Missing the good old chapter one, when the elite skills ressources where class related but we were able to trade / sell them.

    This way, we were able to got our elite skills, to progress, and finaly reach the level 50, and buy even more diamonds on our end game gear, in order to farm our epic weapon.

    Imo, it was a way more profitable, both for the players and the game's editor. But Frogster wasn't Gameforge. And RoM hype is over. They now need to take every cent each player who accept to pay can pay. It's pretty sad.

  • Fewer mirror repeat tickets sold = not a viable change for the developers/publishers of the game

    Does anymbody really use these Tickets?

    Birthday-Event with this Frog-thing where you get tons of rewards - ok - but the other 11 months of the year? Really?

    Can´t believe somebody does this...